How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 22 2013

"All My Children" vixen ERICA
"Encore!" accompaniment CLAPS
"Facto" intro IPSO
"Famous" cookie name AMOS
"Have ___ day!" ANICE
"Hawaii Five-O" star Jack LORD
"Pet" that you plant CHIA
"The Wizard of Oz" coward LION
"Virus" prefix ANTI
"___ Frome" (Edith Wharton classic) ETHAN
1/36 of a yard INCH
A Rice Krispies sound SNAP
Age proofs, briefly IDS
Alaska, once TERR
Alluringly attractive SEXY
Already had something EATEN
Barbarian shoots a 72? PARFORTHECOARSE
Beer container KEG
Biking or hiking course PATH
Boston basketballer CELTIC
Brave sandwich? HERO
Caesar's language LATIN
Came apart at the seams? TORE
Cheer heard at a bullfight OLE
Chooser's first word EENY
Church leader POPE
City of Lights PARIS
Cold ground covering HOAR
Creep through the cracks SEEP
Cut, as coupons CLIP
Decides OPTS
Earth tone ECRU
Egyptian reptiles ASPS
Far from slim OBESE
Fill, as with energy INFUSE
Fort ___, N.J DIX
Hammer head PEEN
Hindu mister SRI
Inner personality, to Jung ANIMA
It makes the van go GAS
Jennifer Lopez movie role SELENA
Like contented bugs SNUG
Live oak of California ENCINA
Lukewarm TEPID
Mail, as a payment REMIT
Monica that raised a racket SELES
Narrative of heroic exploits SAGA
Nighttime noisemaker SNORER
Nod backward? DON
Not be picky with a guitar? STRUM
Nutty as a fruitcake BATTY
Observed in the act SEEN
Old operating-room substance ETHER
Onetime golf champ Stewart PAYNE
Opposite of 'neath OER
Or's partner EITHER
Orderly and systematic NEAT
Palindromic Gardner AVA
Play ___ (perform some songs) ASET
Poe creation POEM
Quarterback, often PASSER
Reserve a table for 4 p.m.? GETAGOODTEATIME
Room under the eaves GARRET
Select the correct atomic particle? PICKTHERIGHTION
Slur over ELIDE
Some sets of numbers EVENS
Spreadsheet pro CPA
Subtle distinction NICETY
Teachers' org NEA
Tennis legend Arthur ASHE
Tex-Mex treat TACO
Think tank's quest IDEA
Verdi opera AIDA
West Texas oil town ODESSA
What American Beauties are ROSES
Where Muscat is capital OMAN
Woodland reveler of myth SATYR
Word with "training" or "boot" CAMP
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