How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Jan 11 2013

"... by the ___ early light" DAWNS
"Arabian Nights" name ALI
"Don't be a hog!" SHARE
"Haus" wife FRAU
"Nova" follower SCOTIA
"Sacro" addition ILIAC
"Them!" things ANTS
"You never ___ it so good!" HAD
A tyke might tug on it PANTLEG
Air-filled skull cavity SINUS
Airport sounds ROARS
Airy tune LILT
Apple center CORE
Asian goat antelope SEROW
Bad-mouth, slangily DIS
Bantu language group SOTHO
Barton of the Red Cross CLARA
Be a henpecker NAG
Bed-and-breakfast sites INNS
Beyond recharging DEAD
Big Band music SWING
Big desert of Asia GOBI
Bird along the coast ERNE
Birth-related NATAL
Blemish, say ACNE
Blood line? AORTA
Camel-like mammal ALPACA
Cancun mister SENOR
Chapeau LID
Charmed animal? COBRA
Colorful flower IRIS
Cotton fabrics SATEENS
Cygnus supergiant DENEB
Delicate pancake CREPE
Detroit products AUTOS
Dinner signal BELL
Emanating from stars ASTRAL
Follows about, as a pal HANGSAROUNDWITH
Forefather SIRE
Foreign currency EURO
Gradually decline WANE
Greek X CHI
Homophone for "lane" LAIN
Joined together by heat WELDED
Kind of testimony ORAL
Kinds of cuckoos ANIS
Lessens the discomfort of EASES
Like many a chocolate cake ICED
Lingerie item SLIP
Mantel adorner URN
More out there STRANGER
Nosegay contents, perhaps LILACS
Ocean SEA
Oldies players HIFIS
Pitching statistic WINS
Premise of many comedies AFISHOUTOFWATER
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Sing Sing outbreak RIOT
Soap and water results SUDS
Sorceress who aided Jason's quest MEDEA
Start of a diary entry DEAR
Stop waffling OPT
Tasteless and showy GARISH
Tempo PACE
The Warners were some BROS
Tool repository SHED
Tot's nickname, perhaps SWEETPEA
Tuner on a viola PEG
Tutor in "The King and I" ANNA
Two-tone dunker OREO
Volcano shape CONE
Wife of Geraint, in Arthurian lore ENID
___-off shotgun SAWED
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