How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Feb 26 2006

"... or ___ one for more options" PRESS
"A Taste of ___" HONEY
"Ahoy" recipient MATEY
"Cool, man!" IDIG
"Everybody Hates ___" CHRIS
"Frasier" surname CRANE
"In one ___ and out the other" EAR
"Piece of cake!" ITSEASY
"The Bionic Woman" character Sommers JAIME
"The Old ___ Bucket" OAKEN
''Butterfield 8'' author OHARA
''Home Alone'' actor JOHNCANDY
''I smell ___!'' ARAT
''The Grapes of Wrath'' family name JOAD
''The Man With One Red Shoe'' actor TOMHANKS
18th-century hairdo POUF
1956 Marilyn Monroe movie BUSSTOP
A drawbridge may span one MOAT
A driver may sit on it HORN
Abbr. at an airport terminal ETD
Act busy BUSTLE
Adjective for the Road Runner FAST
Alpine sounds ECHOES
Animal abode LAIR
Appearance determinant GENE
Apply acid artistically ETCH
Architect Saarinen ELIEL
Baseball's Palmeiro RAFAEL
Bath add-ins SALTS
Become indistinct FADE
Belfry sound PEAL
Biblical hymn CANTICLE
Bit of binary code ONE
Black Panther Party co-founder SEALE
Blue jack COHO
Bone just above the foot TALUS
Bordeaux wine CLARET
Bowline and sheepshank KNOTS
Bric-a-___ BRAC
Calculus calculation AREA
Cantrell or Turner LANA
Cardiology graphs, for short EKGS
Cartoon mail-order company ACME
Choice conjunctions ORS
Circumstance of living HIGHCOST
Climax of many action flicks CHASE
Cow's mouthful CUD
Critter in a Mark Twain title FROG
Cuddly-looking Australian KOALA
Current status ACDC
Dallas skaters STARS
Daredevil Knievel EVEL
Desired result GOAL
Detroit pros LIONS
Dictator's phrase, sometimes INRE
Didn't just ooh AAHED
Diner coffee JAVA
Domed domiciles IGLOOS
Down-and-out chap BUM
Drum major's need BATON
Earth's middle layer MANTLE
Fellini film of 1972 ROMA
Field yield CROP
Finished a sky dive ALIT
Follow a line TRACE
Frequently, in rhyme OFT
Future attorney's hurdle, for short LSAT
Golf's ''Slammin' Sammy'' SNEAD
Good buddies on the road CBERS
Gridiron position END
Ham's carrier RADIO
Handy game PATTYCAKE
Having a stale odor MUSTY
Hit high LOFTED
Hitches SNAGS
It began in 1957 SPACEAGE
It may be rounded up in a roundup STRAY
It may have green skin ANJOU
It wasn't built in a day ROME
J.P. Morgan co-founded it USSTEEL
Jewish calendar month ADAR
Kafka's ''The ___ Colony'' PENAL
Kind of can AEROSOL
Kit and Johnny CARSONS
Legal postponement STAY
Lends a hand to AIDS
Like The Fonz COOL
Lowermost ship deck ORLOP
Luxurious resorts SPAS
Makes dirty BEGRIMES
Marmalade ingredient PEEL
Martin's nesting area EAVE
Metallic rocks ORES
Napoleonic victory site of 1796 LODI
NATO and PLO, for two ORGS
Nickname for Coolidge CAL
Not naughty NICE
Not the easiest person to deal with TOUGHCOOKIE
One of ''Charlie's Angels'' LADD
Optimist's limit SKY
Pantheon members DEITIES
Partner of pains ACHES
Poker game locales, sometimes DENS
Portfolio units SHARES
Prefix meaning ''bone'' OSTE
Pro ___ RATA
Prohibiting the sale of alcohol DRY
Provide sustenance for a fee CATER
Punishments at sea LASHINGS
Put on a hair-raising display? TEASE
Religious leader's maxims LOGIA
Return addressee on Wile E.'s parcels ACME
Rhyme that's done by hand? PATTYCAKE
Rush hour features TRAFFICJAMS
Rush-hour events TRAFFICJAMS
Salute with enthusiasm HAIL
Sax-playing Simpson LISA
Scale down PARE
Secluded places NOOKS
Shower apparel RAINCOAT
Simon Cowell's TV show, familiarly IDOL
Sked figures ETDS
Solo on film HAN
Some farm machinery TRACTORS
Sourballs, e.g. HARDCANDY
Spectrum RANGE
Stimpy's partner REN
Stylist's creations COIFS
Substance in some lamps LAVA
Subway support STRAP
Tadpole cousins EFTS
Takes advantage of USES
Tannish colors ECRUS
Temporary stay SOJOURN
They inspire passing thoughts LANES
TV's Mary Richards, initially MTM
Type of bomber STEALTH
Type of rally or pill PEP
Undeleted expletive HECK
Unlike Lady Godiva CLAD
Unyielding person TOUGHCOOKIE
Very mean boss OGRE
Wilbur in "Charlotte's Web" PIG
Winged ALAR
Wonderland message EATME
Word with "tacks" or "knuckles" BRASS
Word with brother or nelson HALF
Word with truth or ambition NAKED
Work on one's knight moves? TILT
___ chance (pressed one's luck) TOOKA
___ Gras MARDI
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