How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Feb 25 2015

"Aladdin" setting ARABIA
"Cocoon" director Howard RON
"I fooled you!" GOTCHA
"Murphy Brown" star BERGEN
"What ___ can I say?" ELSE
A country's output, for short GNP
A perfect place UTOPIA
Alda and Ladd ALANS
Alumna bio word NEE
Approximately, date-wise CIRCA
Automatic pistol LUGER
Bake sale org PTA
Bean or certain capital city LIMA
Bird bill part CERE
Bond's Fleming IAN
Bunion site TOE
Bygone times ERAS
Cabinet acronym, once HEW
Campfire fallout ASH
Caterer's coffeemaker URN
Certain visibility improver WINDSHIELDWIPER
Chilly ALGID
Christian of fashion DIOR
Cincinnati ballplayers REDS
Cinema feature FILM
Coarse fabric BURLAP
Common sight in Maine PINETREE
CPO's superior ENS
Day-care diversion TOY
Doughnut center HOLE
Ending for "tact" ILE
Fish hawk's cousin ERNE
France's longest river LOIRE
Fresh from the factory NEW
Gives advance warning BODES
Go, to the dogs? MUSH
Greek goddess of youth HEBE
Hard, yellow cheese EDAM
High-five sound SLAP
ID factor, perhaps DNA
Impressive style ELAN
Innate impulses INSTINCTS
It's free when it's unscheduled TIME
Joplin tune RAG
Keanu Reeves' role in "The Matrix" NEO
Krauss or Lurie ALISON
Lacking wit or imagination UNPOETIC
Like a $600 return on a $200 bet THREEFOLD
Like lemon juice ACERB
Like some income or runs UNEARNED
Many-headed mythical sea monsters HYDRAS
Misty-eyed WEEPY
Org. in many spy novels CIA
Print revealer Dustingpowder
Protected, on board ALEE
Provides with a staff MANS
Put in prison EMBAR
Quietly serious SOLEMN
Repair shop substitute LOANER
Schindler made one LIST
Shoelace piece AGLET
Singer Grant AMY
Sir Lancelot du ___ LAC
Stretch out ELONGATE
Succeeds in getting ATTAINS
The Alamo, for one SHRINE
The Big Apple, briefly NYC
Two hours before midnight TEN
Two-legged support BIPOD
Use the towel again REDRY
Weighty Kuwaiti? EMIR
Where there's a general assembly? WAR
___ Rapids, Iowa CEDAR
___-up (confined) PENT
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