How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Feb 17 2005

''And Then There Were ___'' NONE
''Blast!'' DANG
''Exodus'' author URIS
''Star Wars'' princess LEIA
''You Oughta Know'' singer Morissette ALANIS
Abu Dhabi resident ARAB
Anthropologist Margaret MEAD
Bengal, for one BAY
Broadcast signal receiver TUNER
Burdened LADEN
Captain's superior MAJOR
Change VARY
Chromosome occupant GENE
Country once known as French Sudan MALI
Cousin providers AUNTS
Dirty look LEER
Dumbstruck AWED
Equivalent worth VALUE
Extol LAUD
Famed riveter ROSIE
Feel malaise AIL
Five after four NINE
Foolish dunce BOZO
Former capital of Spain TOLEDO
Frank or Francis ANNE
Giggler's syllable HEE
Goats' progeny KIDS
Gotham address, briefly NYNY
Harriet's spouse OZZIE
Having the know-how ABLE
Hovels HUTS
How words function USAGE
Hunted by the army, perhaps AWOL
Inland Sea metropolis OSAKA
It may be cast DIE
Like some tests TIMED
Losing plan? DIET
Male swan COB
Maui bash LUAU
Memorable times ERAS
Middle East sultanate OMAN
Mr. Greenspan ALAN
Narrow valley GLEN
Natasha's cohort BORIS
Nicolas Cage film set in Tripoli? LIBYANLASVEGAS
Not work very hard COAST
Noted bone donor ADAM
Nothing at all NADA
Olde Towne job CRIER
On one's rocker? SEATED
Peignoir cousin ROBE
Positive feedback YESES
Remain patiently ABIDE
Ringling or Warner BROS
Risible beast HYENA
Romantic actor Charles BOYER
Sad exclamation ALAS
Scratches (out) EKES
Sidestep EVADE
Silver and gold, e.g. METALS
Some black sheep RAMS
Some chocolates KISSES
Some gridiron gains, in Moscow? RUSSIANYARDAGE
Some verses ODES
Song that may contain trills ARIA
Stage whisper ASIDE
Suffix with cannon ADE
Tempting spot EDEN
Took a powder RAN
Two-time loser to Dwight ADLAI
Type of meat RED
Type of pepper CHILI
Uncle Miltie BERLE
Walled city near Madrid AVILA
Wimple wearer SISTER
Woodstock singer Guthrie ARLO
Words of exasperation, in Kingston? JAMAICANMECRAZY
Zero-shaped OVAL
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