How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 20 2018

"Anything ___?" else
"Common Sense" writer paine
"___ Lang Syne" auld
After the deadline late
Angler's bobber cork
Applaud clap
Author Coward noel
Balsams firs
Be an awful security guard? fakealookaround
Beak kin snout
Boston hoopster, cut celt
Boxing event bout
Butcher's byproducts offal
Bygone despot tsar
Camera's attachment lens
Car protector bra
Catchers' necessities mitts
Ceases stops
Claws on birds talons
Come face-to-face meet
Common article the
Contributes adds
Crackpot loon
Create make
Cry of discovery oho
Deck with many images tarot
Deplete (with "up") use
Dizzying design opart
Dressing choice ranch
Egg provider hen
Exploding star nova
Fix, as an outcome rig
Free from restraint untie
Full company on stage ensemble
Full speed ahead amain
Funny type of strip comic
Game with a jackpot lotto
Golfer's choice iron
Greek letter No. 8 theta
Have a health problem ail
Hold in high regard value
In the near future anon
Inferno fire
Irritate miff
It's slapped in hockey puck
Kevin and Francis bacons
Kinda similar quasi
Margarine alternatives oleos
Melon covers rinds
Mozart solo, e.g aria
Mugger spray mace
Name-dropping abbr etal
Olive and pea greens
One in opposition anti
Pay reparations atone
Peon kin helot
Persian Gulf country qatar
Poker buy-ins antes
Pretend to be a bigger man? fakethehighroad
Pretend to like my hiring interview? fakeachanceonme
Raise to the sky erect
Rough breathing sound rale
Rubber hub of Ohio akron
Sensible rational
Slender svelte
Small mesas buttes
Some eagles erns
Spew forth emit
St. relatives aves
State of Donny and Marie utah
Swell Brit gent
Test the weight of heft
Tiny openings pores
U-turn from vain humble
___ erectus homo
___ precedent seta
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