How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 13 2018

"Much ___ About Nothing" ado
"Slow down on those leaves" relaxrakeiteasy
"Start the questions" ask
"Tosca," for one opera
"Wonderful," at 49-Across bravo
"___ means war!" this
"___, though I walk ..." yea
.001 inch lengths mils
A sib sis
After dusk, poetically een
Agenda entry item
Auction assent nod
Barbie contemporary ken
Blade cutter mower
Boy on "The Simpsons" rod
Broadway legend Ethel merman
Child of fortune? heir
Christmas tree decorations tinsels
Clobber wallop
Comics' "The Wonder Dog" rex
Cosmetic change? makeover
Demeanors miens
Do a fall chore in a convertible? rakeabackseat
Dorm partner roommate
Earth tone tan
Excellent tennis server acer
Film role for Jodie Foster anna
Fly in Africa tsetse
Forbid deny
Formal wear in India sari
Gather, as a harvest reap
Guinness Book suffix est
Hobbled lame
Horn sound blat
Incendiary substance napalm
Indonesian island sumatra
Inspire profoundly imbue
Isaac's first-born esau
Jets or Ravens, e.g team
Jump shot formations arcs
Lake in New York oneida
Major thoroughfare artery
Make comparisons liken
Maternally related enate
Mink relative ermine
Miserly type (with "El") cheapo
MLB crowd-pleasers hrs
Mountain debris scree
Navy's shade? blue
Non-clergy laic
Not much abit
One gender male
One route to Europe oversea
One way to fall apart
Opening poker payment ante
PC input information dataset
Pilots' guesses etas
Poor? No, far from it rich
Pungent liquid or gas ammonia
Put forth effort try
Salt container shaker
Santa ___, California rosa
Savage and wild feral
Sawbuck halved five
Small amount tad
Small anatomical sac cyst
Start of a journey outset
Street abbr ave
Timmy's twins? ems
Tokyo, centuries ago edo
Turn sharply slue
Unexpected blessing boon
Very funny comic riot
Warship with oars trireme
Way to turn the page? over
What a newbie using a fall tool may do? rakeitorbreakit
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