How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 13 2011

"A Christmas Carol" comment BAH
"Dear ____ Madam ..." SIROR
"Neither rain ___ sleet ..." NOR
"Thanks ___ so much!" EVER
"The Gold-Bug" author POE
"This looks like ___ for Superman!" AJOB
"Woof" alternative ARF
"You've got a ____ nerve ..." LOTOF
A big mess SNAFU
A day in Spain? DIA
Abbr. after many a general's name RET
Acoustic term STEREO
Adhered (to) CLUNG
Allergy reaction, sometimes RASH
Already-aired TV show REPEAT
Belfry resident BAT
Birds or fruit KIWIS
Book jacket bits BLURBS
Celsius freezing point of water ZERO
Certain garment worker BUTTONER
Coin of the ___ REALM
Count ___ (Lemony Snicket villain) OLAF
Cowboy boot feature SPUR
Cowboy's calf catcher RIATA
Cruise film, "____ Good Men" AFEW
Didn't linger LEFT
Don, as a sweater SLIPON
Even-steven situation TIE
Far from flexible RIGID
Feel sick AIL
Filled cookie OREO
Garden walkway PATH
Get there ARRIVE
Gets the suds out RINSES
Granola grain OAT
Gun, as an engine REV
Hair line PART
Hardly healthy-looking PALE
Hint to an unexciting speaker YAWN
Inventory item UNIT
It's kept on track, hopefully RACER
Jazz great Brubeck DAVE
Juicy pear ANJOU
Letters with "messenger" or "transfer" RNA
Like many diet products NONFAT
Literary sisters Emily and Anne BRONTES
Made one's hair stand on end? TEASED
Miner's vein contents ORE
Mocking comment JAPE
More than displeasure IRE
One of the four Gospels JOHN
Part of the eye IRIS
Path of a cresting river FLOODWAY
Poetic foot IAMB
Point of a fable MORAL
Potent pints ALES
Put on a pedestal IDOLIZE
Readily available, as parts OFFTHESHELF
Relevant, to lawyers ADREM
Report-card blemishes EFFS
Rogers Centre locale TORONTO
Russian city or oblast TOMSK
Scarf down EAT
Schubert's "Fantasia ___ Minor" INF
Second photo in a testimonial ad AFTER
Site of Churchill's 1943 Turkey conference ADANA
Small kitchen appliance WAFFLEIRON
Spent time at Betty Ford's DETOXED
Summer air circulator FAN
Superboy's sweetheart Lang LANA
Televise AIR
They may be current or foreign AFFAIRS
TV group featuring Mr. T ATEAM
U.S. gun lobby NRA
What an also-ran may get? EFOREFFORT
What Halloween lips are made of PARAFFINWAX
___ grabs (available) UPFOR
___ Speed Wagon (old vehicle) REO
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