How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Dec 04 2018

"Candide," for one operetta
Aborted take-off nogo
Acclaimed Dadaist arp
Acquire comeinto
Acquired shade? tan
Asian capital yen
Bayonet through stab
Be a champion for espouse
Be attentive listen
Biscuity pastry scone
Blue blood, briefly aristo
Bullfight shout ole
Certain hardwoods teaks
Cookie brand oreo
Crime ___ pay doesnt
Dexterity ease
Dinosaur trapper tar
Dressing holders cruets
Dug in ate
Dutch roaster? oven
Evidence of a flame-out? ash
Extended conversation discourse
Figure of speech trope
Fish with needlelike teeth gar
Foreign vehicles? ufos
Free-for-all setto
Garden tool hoe
Gentleman? No, no, no cad
Golfing shout fore
Half-moon shapes lunes
Instinctive motives impulses
Junk metal scrap
Koko Head is there oahu
Lament from a too-late angler? fishyouwerehere
Large migratory fliers geese
Leaves in hot water tea
Like a perfect game nohit
Like barely-there tires bald
Like the brightest teeth whitest
Make it to an event arrive
Map book atlas
Most quick-to-learn aptest
Needing kneading? sore
Novel one can download ebook
October stone opal
Opera solo aria
Parrots or copies apes
Part of a price per
Placed in a mailbox sent
Pointed tool awl
Presque ___, Maine isle
Rail pillar baluster
Roth ___ (investment) ira
Scout uniform parts sashes
Secret societies mafias
Sharp-nosed shark mako
Silver salmon (var.) cohoe
Sometimes-wild cards deuces
Statue bottom base
Stet U-turn dele
Swimmer in a platform heel? fishtheshoefits
Theater designations rows
Took the wrong way? stole
Trap or puss kisser
Triton's domain sea
Type of school meeting pta
Visionary person seer
Watch pocket fob
What a hopeful halibut will do? fishuponastar
What to call Lancelot sir
Witchy one hag
With no need for a therapist issueless
Wizard or Bull rival net
Wrench variety allen
___ Cuarto, Argentina rio
___ Gatos los
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