How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 09 2015

"... of ___ I sing" THEE
"... or ___!" ELSE
"Ars ___ artis" GRATIA
"At Seventeen" singer Janis IAN
"Mona ___" LISA
"Smart" guy ALEC
"The Phantom Menace" boy ANI
"Tres ___!" BIEN
"You are here" posting MAP
"You've Got Mail" director Ephron NORA
Acclaim ECLAT
Actor Mineo SAL
Adjoin ABUT
Alligator kin CAIMANS
Bad thing to wreak HAVOC
Barnyard mama MARE
Bawling sound WAH
Be mistaken ERR
Bellows like Bessie MOOS
Bone-connecting tissue LIGAMENT
Brer Rabbit Uncle REMUS
Burstyn or Barkin ELLEN
California airport, informally LAX
Call a spade a club? MISNAME
Championship fight prize TITLE
Chronological record ANNAL
Circle in space? ORBIT
Commonplace USUAL
Condiment for tacos SALSA
Course concluder, often EXAM
Cronelike ANILE
Deficiency in pigmentation ALBINO
Deuce toppers TREYS
Do a seamstress's job HEM
Down Under bird EMU
Early boat builder NOAH
Easily perceived PALPABLE
Emulated a crow CAWED
Four-time All Star Al ROSEN
Gabbana's partner in fashion DOLCE
German nuclear physicist Otto HAHN
Get the wrinkles out IRON
Hair ringlet CURL
Having the least fat LEANEST
Heavy burden ONUS
Hog, as a phone TIEUP
How the capable do things? WITHAPLOMB
Islamic salutations SALAAMS
James Brown had it SOUL
Judges to be DEEMS
Key on a keyboard ALT
Legendary Horne LENA
Less dense SPARSER
Liable to bungle INEPT
Make immune, as to violence (var.) ENURE
Memorial in New York's Riverside Park GRANTSTOMB
More sickly ILLER
Mystical emanations AURAS
New York street WALL
Noted peninsula SINAI
Overpamper SPOIL
Part of the zodiac LIBRA
Potok's "My Name is Asher ___" LEV
Prefix meaning "large" MACRO
Santa follower ANA
Scottish hat TAM
Smelting byproducts SLAGS
Speak indistinctly SLUR
Turner of "Peyton Place" LANA
Type of seat CATBIRD
Vega's constellation LYRA
Weapon of mass destruction NUCLEARBOMB
What an actor holds PROP
What your wife may be called MRS
___ generis (unique) SUI
___ mode ALA
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