How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Aug 01 2015

"For Your Eyes ___" ONLY
"Get it?" SEE
"This ___" (shipping label) ENDUP
"What ___ to be the problem?" SEEMS
"___ and sometimes Y" AEIOU
"___ Brockovich" ERIN
1997 role for Peter Fonda ULEE
A positively charged atom ION
Aliens, briefly ETS
Alternative to a hotel, briefly BANDB
AP rival UPI
Apple's apple, e.g LOGO
Ascend RISE
Asian female domestic AMAH
Bad thing to do on an application LIEABOUTONESAGE
Birds' lodgings NESTS
Bit at the bottom of the barrel DREG
Bone in the arm ULNA
Born, in bios NEE
Broke off ENDED
Camera diaphragm IRIS
Certain gemstone OPAL
Cleo's wooer MARC
Cold shower? SLEET
Cut with quick strokes SNIP
Decorate differently REDO
Degrade ABASE
Dido's lover AENEAS
Drinks gently SIPS
Elephant-snatching bird of myth ROC
Fills to the gills GLUTS
Frigid finish? AIRE
Gets free (of) RIDS
Gets on the nerves of ANNOYS
Got an A+ on ACED
Gymnasts' protectors MATS
Halloween option TREAT
Having better skills ABLER
He took two tablets MOSES
Hideous UGLY
Hollandaise and cranberry SAUCES
Honeyed drink MEAD
In a berserk way AMOK
In desperate need of rain ARID
Indian royal RANI
Infamous emperor NERO
Jet-setters' jets, once SSTS
John of tractors DEERE
Largest living antelope ELAND
Lenya or Lehmann LOTTE
Like a tough teacher STRICT
Meccan, e.g SAUDI
Minor scrap SKIRMISH
More pleasant NICER
Not false TRUE
Old salt SEADOG
Olympics star Devers GAIL
On the peak of ATOP
Onetime Turkish governors BEYS
Prison outbreak RIOT
Root of the taro plant EDDO
Santa ___ Park race track ANITA
Scrambled note? TONE
Sedately dignified STAID
Sleek, for short AERO
Some batters protect it PLATE
Tennis ploy LOB
Thing on an office desk, often PUSHBUTTONPHONE
Tidal flood EAGRE
Title character in a 2012 film with Snow White HUNTSMAN
Where the wealthy live, briefly EASYST
Window parts SILLS
Words after "deaf as" or "dumb as" APOST
Works as a stevedore LADES
___ contendere (defendant's plea) NOLO
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