How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Apr 24 2015

"... and make it fast!" ASAP
"Ars amatoria" poet OVID
"At Seventeen" singer Janis IAN
"I had no ___!" IDEA
"Par ___" (airmail stamp) AVION
"S.O.S.!" HELP
"We try harder" company AVIS
Accommodates, in a way SLEEPS
Aesop character HARE
All together ENMASSE
Angle between stem and stalk AXIL
Another chance for happiness ANEWLEASEONLIFE
Army insects ANTS
Assume to be true POSIT
Baltic capital RIGA
Blackest part of a shadow UMBRA
Blood-related AKIN
Captured TOOK
Cleans up prose EDITS
Commuter line RAIL
Costa del Sol feature PLAYA
Cries of triumph HAHS
Crow's home of old TEPEE
Dairy breed HOLSTEIN
Departure EXIT
Desktop pictures ICONS
Did Daytona SPED
Director Christopher NOLAN
Drooping SAGGY
Either of two continents AMERICA
Evergreen-forested landscape TAIGA
Eyelid bump STYE
Fat-nosed antelope SAIGA
Fit together, as gears MESH
Flowery poem ODE
Freudian topics EGOS
Guileful SLY
Head light? HALO
Hilo feast LUAU
Indoor sports facilities GYMS
Instructed TAUGHT
It doesn't hold water SIEVE
Kind of code PENAL
Least extroverted SHIEST
Long, long time AGES
Low digit ONE
Mockeries FARCES
Naval Academy grad ENSIGN
Not to be fooled with, in a way LIFETHREATENING
Nun's attire HABIT
Nursemaid in India AYAH
Old hand PRO
One's child, typically LIGHTOFYOURLIFE
Pawl grabber (Var.) RATCH
Prefix with "type" LINO
Ram's ma'am EWE
Read between the lines INFER
Robot of Jewish legend GOLEM
Rod at a pig roast SPIT
Salmon do it SPAWN
Seasoned rice dish PILAF
Semiaquatic salamanders EFTS
Snack NOSH
Stomach muscles, briefly ABS
Stumblebum OAF
Suffix with "sea" or "moon" SCAPE
Take ___ (snooze) ANAP
Telekinesis, e.g PSI
This puzzle's theme word LIFE
Type of alcohol ETHYL
Unadorned BARE
Viscount's superior EARL
What "it" plays TAG
___ mortals MERE
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