How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Sep 23 2015

'Exodus' author URIS
'I'm an idiot!' DUH
'In your dreams!' ASIF
'My Ford was right here!'? THEREISNOESCAPE
'The Mystery of Marie Roget' writer POE
'Whatever you want' NAMEIT
1953 Leslie Caron movie LILI
Act litigiously SUE
Activate, as an alarm TRIP
Alarm clock alternative WAKEUPCALL
Alternative to a cab ZIN
Animator's sheet CEL
Aussie marsupials ROOS
Bird of the pampas RHEA
Bridesmaid, often GALPAL
Can no longer find one's Honda? HADAFIT
Cannes companion AMI
Cause of reddening, perhaps SHAME
Challenge for a dry cleaner SPOT
Christian's 'Heathers' co-star WINONA
Contemptible person CUR
Convention-mocking art movement DADA
Cookie with a green tea version in Asia OREO
Crazy (over) GAGA
Dynamic beginning? AERO
Embassy waver FLAG
End for ethyl or methyl ENE
ER alternative URGENTCARE
Essential part MEAT
Expeditions where you want to be ahead of the game SAFARIS
Feeling nothing NUMB
Fighting ATWAR
Flower popular with butterflies ASTER
Fusion MIX
Go for another hitch REUP
Head for business? BOSS
Indifferent response to 'What's new?' NOTALOT
It's below helium on the periodic table NEON
Keeper of the peas POD
Knock over ROB
Lacking, in Lyon SANS
Like the flop, in Texas hold 'em FACEUP
Loosely speaking OFSORTS
Macbeth's title THANE
Missing Kias? LOSTSOULS
Mop & ___ (floor cleaner) GLO
Musical based on 'La Boheme' RENT
Noisy dance style TAP
Nutmeg-topped drink NOG
One may precede a spoiler ALERT
Online warning letters NSFW
Overtime cause TIE
Perrins's partner in sauce LEA
Poetic pugilist ALI
Protection for a Southern belle PARASOL
Purpose of a conciliatory gesture PACIFYING
Rathskeller vessel BEERSTEIN
Reasons for some missing cars, for short REPOS
Rival of All and Tide XTRA
Seize by force WREST
Shoulder muscle ROTATOR
Signify MEAN
Soothing plant ALOE
Stealing Jeeps? Takingliberties
Subject of many a viral video CAT
Suffix with spy or share WARE
Swimming competition MEET
Teasing tributes ROASTS
They pass the bucks ATMS
Underground hazard GAP
Uproar FUROR
Weapons cache ARMORY
Where you might catch some rays SEA
Whirling Looney Tunes character TAZ
Woman mourning her missing Volkswagen? GOLFWIDOW
Woman with a habit NUN
Woody's singing son ARLO
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