How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal May 15 2018

'Holy cow!' cripes
'I cannot tell ___' alie
'Yeah, right!' ibet
'Zip-A-___-Doo-Dah' dee
'___ Kleine Nachtmusik' eine
After, in Arles apres
Angler's wicker basket creel
As a whole intoto
Banks on runways tyra
Batters' successes hits
Black goo tar
Bumble Bee product tuna
Cake section layer
Cambridge sch mit
Chemistry's Curie marie
Chowder morsel clam
Connery of 'Time Bandits' sean
Elevator's place shaft
Fill to overflowing cram
Find-the-queen game monte
Fine netlike fabric tulle
Flour factory mill
Friend found in 17-Across bud
Friend found in 26-Across chum
Friend found in 42-Across mate
Friend found in 58-Across pal
Greiner of 'Shark Tank' lori
Hankering urge
Happens, in Havana pasa
Helps to break the law abets
Historic period era
Iraq neighbor kuwait
It might contain a canceled series stampalbum
Loser to paper rock
Magnetic quality charisma
Mine cart fill ore
Miniature tree art bonsai
New York theater award obie
Newspaper's election choice endorsee
Not extreme moderate
October birthstone opal
One out of every eight United Arab Emirates residents, roughly abudhabian
Phone download app
Potato product starch
Railroad bridge supports trestles
Raring to go eager
Research settings labs
Ridiculously exaggerated clownish
River of Russia ural
Rotgut hooch
Rough guess stab
Saddam Hussein's party baath
Scanty, as chances slim
Shade in the sand beachumbrella
Sheep's coat wool
Showy flower iris
Shrewd canny
Sign omen
Sky streaker meteor
Snake dance tribe hopi
Some Juilliard staffers dramateachers
Spa wrap robe
Spanish dessert flan
Spring shape spiral
Supply with a staff man
Timber wolf lobo
Tortoise's rival hare
Touch on abut
Uncovered bared
Wedding registry category china
Wheel's center hub
Whenever ready atwill
With compassion tenderly
Words of understanding isee
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