How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Mar 12 2010

'Balderdash!' HOGWASH
'Cheerio!' TATA
'His ___' (Michael Jordan nickname) AIRNESS
'The King of Swing' GOODMAN
'The Three Faces ___' OFEVE
1960 Wimbledon champ ___ Fraser NEALE
1973 Bruce Lee classic ENTERTHEDRAGON
2009 Broadway revival HAIR
2009 NCAA basketball champs UNC
Abbr. before a name on sheet music ARR
Advertiser's ploy TEASE
Aggravate EATAT
Assassinated Swedish prime minister PALME
Authorizations SAYSOS
Baby showers? TALCS
Bad time for Caesar IDES
Batting practice backdrop CAGE
Belief TENET
Best man's responsibility TOAST
Best successor STARR
Bluejacket GOB
Bobcat mascot of the Diamondbacks BAXTER
Casual clothes DAYWEAR
Catches flies, e.g. FIELDS
Category of savings bond SERIESE
Chinese weight equal to 50 grams TAEL
Chopper on the road HARLEY
Christine of 'Chicago Hope' LAHTI
Clear squares PANES
Clinched SEWEDUP
Collectively INALL
Common Market: Abbr. EEC
Composer born in Bergen GRIEG
Conversation after canning EXITINTERVIEW
Deceptive dexterity SLEIGHT
Deg. held by Jill Biden EDD
Directionally challenged pilot of 1938 WRONGWAYCORRIGAN
Does in OFFS
Does very well THRIVES
Dolly the sheep, notably CLONE
Dot in la mer ILE
Drea's role on 'The Sopranos' ADRIANA
Dried (off) TOWELED
Emmy nominee for playing Truman SINISE
Envelope part CLASP
Exams for future OB/GYNs MCATS
Fertilization target OVUM
Fireplace receptacle ASHPAN
First name at the CIA LEON
Frau's fellow HERR
Free hit of the hockey ball from out of bounds SIDEIN
Friendly introduction? ECO
Funny papers unit STRIP
Get a bad situation under control STOPTHEBLEEDING
Golfer with an 'army' ARNIE
Gov. Richardson's state NMEX
Governor before Pataki CUOMO
Gumshoe TEC
Had a fit? TRIEDON
Half of quatorze SEPT
Handy Mr. FIXIT
High, in a way ONPOT
Holder of 1,093 patents EDISON
Hot prospect LIVEONE
Hydrocarbon ending ENE
Increasingly uncomfortable ACHIER
Jazz singer Anita ODAY
Kind of latte SOY
Lackluster ANEMIC
Late flights REDEYES
Less affable STERNER
Let someone else speak YIELDTHEFLOOR
Letters for Elizabeth HRH
Letters on a G-suit patch NASA
Like many country bridges ONELANE
Lofgren who plays with Bruce NILS
Long in the tooth AGED
Loudly expressed pleasure CROWED
Mack, maker of madcap movies SENNETT
Man of the future BOY
Marked by merrymaking FESTIVE
Max Ernst's creations DADAART
Mighty cold ARCTIC
Mileage meter, for short ODO
Milne moniker ROO
Model Bundchen GISELE
Natural talent BENT
Nevil Shute's '___ Like Alice' ATOWN
Newest colleague of Clarence and Ruth SONIA
Northern natives INUITS
Of affluent commuter towns EXURBAN
Old Saturn model ION
One of three squares MEAL
Orch. section STR
Painter's base layer GESSO
Parts expert? ACTOR
Pelvic pic, e.g. TAT
Personal pieces of writing MEMOIRS
Pilot Post WILEY
Playground response IDOTOO
Portend BODE
Put in the overhead bin, say STOW
Raleigh-to-D.C. heading NNE
Rap Dr. DRE
Ratchet parts PAWLS
Recipient of private lessons TUTEE
Remarks from the relieved AHS
Rob Roy ingredient SCOTCH
Salon and Slate EMAGS
Scale on which diamond is 10 MOHS
Sheepish response BAA
Sirius merged with it in 2008 XMRADIO
Some hip-hop women BGIRLS
Sports analyst's aid SLOWMOTIONREPLAY
Stockpile AMASS
Stood out SHONE
Suffix with quip or tip STER
Supporter FAN
Sustains FUELS
Take a pledge VOW
Tara family OHARAS
Texting protocol initials SMS
They have Xings RRS
Third of a Seinfeld line YADA
Topic of discourse THEMA
Truman's birthplace LAMAR
Unfamiliar with NEWTO
Virtuous NOBLE
Wasn't a smooth speaker HAWED
Whistle blower REF
Words with ball or look HAVEA
Yellow-flowering primrose COWSLIP
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