How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Mar 11 2019

'Auld Lang ___' syne
'No doubt about it!' sureis
'Rule, Britannia' composer Thomas arne
'To whom ___ concern' itmay
'Well, lah-di-___!' dah
A 'little word,' in charades the
Annoy persistently pester
Appliance brand now part of Whirlpool amana
Beanie or beret cap
Big Apple paper, initially nyt
Bird statue? turkeycarving
Brit. heads of government pms
California beach city malibu
Cause, as havoc wreak
Chop into little pieces mince
Cleopatra's paramour antony
Clerical work? rite
Competes vies
Deceitful folks liars
Dr. Jekyll's alter ego mrhyde
Draw with acid etch
Engrossed by tiedupin
Executor's concern estate
Fairy cousin elf
Feature of a needle or a hurricane eye
Finger adornment ring
Fix, as a shoe reheel
Fleecy female ewe
Folding creasing
French miss: Abbr mlle
Ga. neighbor fla
Grandson of Adam and Eve enos
Ground, say punish
Happen to befall
Has too much, briefly ods
Hog holder sty
Huffed and puffed blew
Ice cream brand edys
Impossibly happy place utopia
In a fashionable fashion trendily
Iranian language farsi
Italian city with a famous shroud turin
Keep under control, as spending reinin
Kidney-related renal
Kind of bliss wedded
Leftover wall painting? extramural
Lesser Antilles native carib
Lip-curling expression sneer
Little woodcut? smallprint
Look for seek
Make less tight loosen
Move suddenly dart
Moves sneakily creeps
Natasha's cartoon colleague boris
Old French coin ecu
Open, as a seat belt unfasten
Phone bill add-ons fees
Pointed tooth canine
Pre-euro Italian currency lira
Proud parent's sculpture commission? babybust
Reptile portrait? snakeoil
Serve a sentence dotime
Six-sided hardware item hexnut
Some, in Spanish unos
Spouse of a British countess earl
Swindle scam
Swivel on an axis slue
Takes in absorbs
Threshing waste chaff
Tibetan monk lama
Twitter symbol hashtag
Wall St. market nyse
Was out in front led
Without delay atonce
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