How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jun 30 2018

'Come Sail Away' band styx
'Indeed!' natch
'Platoon' setting nam
'The Song of the Chattahoochee' poet lanier
'Too bad' ohwell
20-20, say tiescore
About inre
Act the informant sing
Alpha males hemen
Alternative to Rex or Rover fido
Amphion's instrument lyre
Architectural extension ell
At the most max
Bali products bras
Bankrupt ruin
Bark back stern
Baseball card bit stat
Bawl out yellat
Be behind owe
Big Pharma product drug
Billy goat features beards
Biscotti flavoring anise
Bonneville Salt Flats location utah
Brazilian city that sounds like a state capital anapolis
Broke ground hoed
Buff toned
Burger King stock buns
California's Santa ___ winds ana
Casually indifferent blithe
Check out ogle
Comedy of manners hallmark satire
Comic foil stooge
Commerce trade
Conniption fit
Crowdsourced review site yelp
Daily rise and fall tide
Dashboard light indicating an engine failure? misfirealarm
Deck treatments stains
Denizen of Florida's Crystal River manatee
Didn't ignore heeded
Doesn't just wing it plans
Don't ignore obey
Dumbbell exercise curl
Dust bowl farmer okie
Electrician, at times wirer
Electrode in a transistor emitter
Enticed drewin
Eric of 'Troy' bana
Fail to coordinate your gift packaging? mismatchboxes
Feature of Palau's flag moon
Fighting words itswar
Fine knit tricot
Fix features, say edit
Forgetting where you put the garbage? mislayingwaste
Frappuccino size grande
Fuse weld
George Eliot, George Sand or George Orwell penname
Gift-bearing trio magi
Good battler evil
Goofy Gomer pyle
Gutless guy wuss
Harbor mover tugboat
HDTV type lcd
Head of the practical joke company? mischiefexecutive
Headed up ran
Heart midst
High bunch stoners
Hit the road leave
Hit the road drive
Honda model since 1972 civic
Hooting hatchlings owlets
Hot Pockets company nestle
Impress deeply etch
Inside track edge
Its capital is N'Djamena chad
Kermit's creator henson
Knight's equivalent dame
Lamborghini's parent audi
Lecture talk
Like some dorms coed
Like some seats caned
Linseed oil source flax
Loafer bum
Lower in the country? cow
Magneto's foes xmen
Make a hash of mangle
Makes blank erases
Manage a chain of saloons into bankruptcy? mishandlebars
Millie's sister in 'Picnic' madge
Mongolian word for 'ocean' dalai
Necessitates entails
Netflix mailing dvd
Netscape co-founder Andreessen marc
Nice round figure circle
Nonet on a Clue board rooms
Not optional needed
Offer an address orate
Official criers heralds
On Nasdaq, say listed
Ore mover minecar
Output of atomizers mists
Patches up mends
Patronizing people clients
Pennywise's place, in 'It' sewers
Penultimate letters psis
Playing around ontour
Pleasantly comfortable homey
Practicing sloth idle
Protective pendant amulet
Protector of the trees, in Tolkien ent
Radio Flyer product wagon
Ranger's place forest
Ready to proceed set
Red herring's job? misleadingrole
Rent out let
Repeated, 'Nothing new' sameold
Reproachful sounds tsks
Resting on atop
Sawmill input logs
Screw up the pillow factory inventory? miscountdown
Seller of Purrfect Delicacies products iams
Sensible wise
Sheepish ovine
Shell contents egg
Ship bound for Colchis argo
Sink basin
Slump sag
Source of Torsby tables ikea
Spliff reefer
Subsequently then
Suffer ail
Their backs feature the Lincoln Memorial fives
Toasted sandwich panini
Unit with short, metric and freight varieties ton
Unruly dos mops
Useless nohelp
Using one's passport, perhaps abroad
White Sox catcher Narvaez omar
Writer Welty eudora
X, at times chi
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