How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Jun 06 2003

'I'll be right with you' ONESEC
'Please...' IBEGYOU
'What a week!' TGIF
'X-Men' villain MAGNETO
Accord UNITY
As recently as ONLY
Ballerina's pivot TOE
Black-and-white classic OREO
Blink-182, e.g. TRIO
Boxer's warning GRR
Boy band fan, typically TEEN
Brewpub fare ALES
Bridal registry category CHINA
Brushing target TARTAR
Cab Calloway forte SCAT
Cadillac model SEVILLE
Cartesian conclusion IAM
Cathedral city of southwest Germany ULM
Celestial sights ORBS
Come across as SEEM
Concentration FOCUS
Contact, in a way EMAIL
Copier adjunct SORTER
Crosier carriers ABBOTS
Darling PET
Dash lengths ENS
Diamond pattern ARGYLE
Disreputable SEAMY
Do bridge work DEAL
Doing well in Vegas ONAROLL
DOT issuance LIC
DuPont originally called it 'Fiber A' ORLON
Early milestone AGEONE
End of the quip LASTYEAR
February birthstone AMETHYST
Fille's friends AMIES
Forgoing profit ATCOST
Garr of 'Tootsie' TERI
Gershwin's '___ It a Pity' ISNT
Gives it one's all STRIVES
Go ballistic LOSEIT
High rollers ELS
Hired killers, in slang ICEMEN
Hits the sauce TIPPLES
Holds out OFFERS
Home of the Fighting Tigers LSU
Imposing BIG
Increases REVS
Isr. neighbor LEB
It may be cut and dried HAY
Jai alai basket CESTA
JFK predecessor DDE
John's wife YOKO
Lexicographer John OGILVIE
Like 007's martini SHAKEN
Like some traits DOMINANT
Like the outback RURAL
Limelight hog EGOIST
Manuscript marking STET
Marshal ARRAY
Maximally ATMOST
Menlo Park name ALVA
Mimicking ALA
Minn. neighbor ONT
Most insipid TAMEST
Moved from cell to cell in a spreadsheet, perhaps TABBED
Nicolas Cage's co-star in 'The Family Man' TEALEONI
Night music TAPS
Ninnies SIMPS
Okra, essentially POD
Old oath MYSTARS
On the button RIGHT
Palace address SIRE
Pallor cause ANEMIA
Parries AVERTS
Part 2 of the quip ECONOMICSUSUALLY
Part 3 of the quip REVEALSTHAT
Part 4 of the quip THEBESTTIME
Part 5 of the quip TOBUYANYTHINGWAS
Pay stub deduction abbr. FICA
Pitch to the noggin BEANER
Play with matches? TENNIS
Pneumatic hammer target RIVET
Pretend to be something one's not LIVEALIE
Producer of Scenium TVs RCA
Quarters AREAS
Refrain bit TRA
Reynolds with two no-hitters ALLIE
Ringed by AMIDST
Sail's staff MAST
Sanction AGREETO
Satrap's place PERSIA
Sean of 'The Lord of the Rings' ASTIN
Securities trader, for short ARB
See 62-Across ALLEN
Settles snugly NESTLES
Shot unit DOSE
Shoulder muscles, for short DELTS
Soothing stuff SALVE
Source of models CARMAKER
Spirit-raising event SEANCE
Split decision? DIVORCE
Squid's defense INK
Start of a quip ASTUDYOF
Stop dawdling GETTOIT
Subject of some insurance claims FIRELOSS
Symbol of neatness APIN
Take position for action STANDTO
Tater Tots producer OREIDA
Tennis star Shriver PAM
Thebes splitter NILE
They have clean-up positions MAIDS
They may go for a couple of bucks DOES
Thousandth of a yen RIN
Tragic flaw byproduct DOWNFALL
Trying experience ORDEAL
Unfavorable ILL
Up for debate ATISSUE
Vacation stop INN
Virtuous sort SAINT
Was busy, in a way HADPLANS
Wild bunch DEUCES
With 70-Across, comic responsible for the quip MARTY
Word accompanying a gavel rap SOLD
Work like a dog TOIL
World's largest Baptist university BAYLOR
Zero NIL
___-jongg MAH
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