How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Feb 12 2019

'Message received' roger
'The Woman ___' (Gene Wilder film) inred
'Ugh, why did you share that with me!' tmi
'___ Stop the Rain' wholl
*Audio amplifier, of a sort hearingaid
*Garment that might display a pocket square suitjacket
*Social services department staffer caseworker
*Telemarketer's come-on trialoffer
Almost but not quite shut ajar
Bakery buys rolls
Bananas or crackers loco
Bayou craft airboat
Bed table item, often lamp
Beehive State tribesman ute
Bothers ails
Brand with a Poppin' Jalapeno flavor doritos
Bring to mind evoke
British noblemen earls
Broker's take fee
City on the 40-Across lyon
College in Cedar Rapids coe
Colonnade tree elm
Critics cover them arts
Cruising atsea
Crumpets might accompany it tea
Dinger on the diamond homer
Discourage deter
Disgusted utterance feh
Drew to a close ended
DVR remote button rec
Exams for future attys lsats
Extend, as a membership renew
Feel awful about rue
Foursome on a fork, typically tines
Gray in a Wilde story dorian
Hyundai subsidiary kia
Introduce bias into skew
It flows through France rhone
Italian white wine soave
Judicial opinions dicta
Keenly curious agog
Largest country bordering the Mediterranean algeria
Lauder of cosmetics fame estee
Laugh-a-minute person riot
Like champion racehorses bred
Michigan, for one lake
Midriff muscles abs
Mince pie ingredient suet
Mischievous sort rascal
Muscat resident omani
Nickel, for one metal
P look-alike rho
Polynesian gift lei
Powdery residue ash
Product sold in a plastic bear honey
Raring to go eager
Reason for a food recall ecoli
River craft kayak
Saying grace before dinner, e.g tradition
See 33-Across actionis
Shooter marble taw
Singer Lovett lyle
Site of a 1965 voter registration drive selma
Spammer's target group emaillist
Spice meas tsp
Stitch up mend
Sudden gust of wind blast
Supper scrap ort
Tear-jerking sad
Tipped one's hat to greeted
Tripping onacid
Tripping drug lsd
Unquestioned belief dogma
Velshi of MSNBC ali
Wall in Manhattan, e.g street
With 43-Across, an exciting place, and a hint to the starts of the starred answers wherethe
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