How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Dec 19 2015

'Do you have Prince Albert in ___?' ACAN
'Here's to my new Kate Spade' honoree? TOASTEDBAG
'I'll Be ___ for Christmas' HOME
'Put ___ in it!' ('Shut up!') ACORK
'Santa Claus Conquers the Martians' genre SCIFI
'The hopes and fears of all the years are ___ in thee tonight' MET
'The Luck of Roaring Camp' writer HARTE
'Wow, I didn't expect that!' HUH
1969 hit for The Doors TOUCHME
1970s TV series set in New York's 11th Precinct KOJAK
1998 National League MVP SOSA
2-Down features ARIAS
Animal handler's shooter DARTGUN
Appallingly bad ATROCIOUS
Atrium feeder VEIN
Bankroll WAD
Borrowers' burdens DEBTS
Brand name for a light-based hair-cutting tool? LASERSCALP
Canvas for Jack Frost PANE
Capri count start UNO
Captive lady in 'The Faerie Queene' IRENA
Caspian feeder URAL
Chairman's list AGENDA
Cheese shop choice GOUDA
Cheese shop choice RICOTTA
Chili powder ingredient CUMIN
City about 120 miles north of Pittsburgh ERIE
Clear tape? ERASE
Coal in one's stocking, say LUMP
Code of conduct ETHIC
Colorful diaphragm IRIS
Comet and Cupid, e.g DEER
Concession speech deliverer ALSORAN
Confederate ALLY
Cracker's target SAFE
Cranberry concoction SAUCE
Crew member OAR
Decorate, as the Christmas tree TRIM
Defiant dare MAKEME
Destroyer downer UBOAT
Donald Duck's lack PANTS
Drill that may bore ROTE
Duke bigwigs DEANS
Egyptian adder ASP
Electronic sounds TONES
Error message? OOPS
Expo '74 city SPOKANE
Eye-watering, perhaps PICANTE
Farm fathers SIRES
Fendi's base ROME
Firebug PYRO
First governor of Massachusetts HANCOCK
Fivers, in slang ABES
Flying start AERO
Foe's stand ANTI
Get something to eat GRABABITE
Give a scathing review to Roseanne's stand-up act? TRASHBARR
Gone from a No Parking spot, perhaps TOWED
Grandfather clock sound TOCK
Grandson of Abraham ESAU
Grizzlies' group: Abbr NBA
Hail Mary projectile PIGSKIN
Harbor, e.g HIDE
Historic time AGE
Historic time ERA
Ides utterance ETTU
Illusory images OPART
Incite EGGON
It's sometimes on the line WASH
Italian city close to the Slovenia border TRIESTE
Jim-dandy AOKAY
Kellogg's chocolate cereal KRAVE
Kindle competition NOOK
Latin jazz musician Tjader CAL
Letters on O'Hare-bound luggage ORD
Like some holiday letters NEWSY
Like talk show guests MIKED
Major for civic-minded students POLISCI
Miami Hurricanes mascot Sebastian is one IBIS
Moreover TOO
Motel rendezvous TRYST
Mucky stuff MIRE
NFL shutout, on the scoreboard OOOO
North Atlantic hazard BERG
Obvious PATENT
Omsk setting SIBERIA
One of seven gifts 'a-swimming' SWAN
One-on-one tests ORALS
Pacific state EASE
Parade spoilers RAINS
Payment before a deal is made ANTE
Peevishness BILE
Places SITES
Plot in a best-selling book? EDEN
Poultry buys CAPONS
Pound pick MUTT
Prefix with metric or logic GEO
Prepare the Christmas turkey ROAST
Pulls down EARNS
Rabbi presiding over a king's investiture? CROWNINGJEW
Rank below marquess EARL
Reject derisively SCORN
Retriever trained as a watchdog? WARNINGLAB
Rich deposit ORE
Rich sponge cake BABA
Rimsky-Korsakov's 'Christmas Eve,' e.g OPERA
Ristorante fare PASTA
RR destination STA
Santa's portrayer in 2003's 'Elf' EDASNER
Sarah Palin, by birth IDAHOAN
Scathing review of an orchestra performance? INSTRUMENTPAN
Sea eagles ERNES
Senator's attire TOGA
Separator in a Derby winner's time? KENTUCKYCOLON
Sevilla chargers TOROS
Shaving mishap for Pinocchio? WOODENNICK
Singer of the 2015 #1 hit 'Cheerleader' OMI
Slumber party VIP? YOUTHHOST
Some are proper NOUNS
Someone who might really be into you? SURGEON
Sound from a shepherd GRR
Sound from flutes and tubas LONGU
Sprint Cup awarder NASCAR
Strong beer STINGO
Supermarket section DAIRY
Tea made from young leaves PEKOE
The Cratchits' Christmas dinner GOOSE
The fifth element BORON
The things right here THESE
Thickheaded DUMB
Tied up EVENED
Top country album of July 1988 REBA
Trooper's tool RADAR
Try to hit AIMAT
Unlicensed, in a way BOOTLEG
Valuable store TROVE
Very short times TRICES
Wasn't frugal SPENT
What la guillotine removes TETE
Where Woolworth opened his first store UTICA
White shade BONE
Youngest of the Weasley boys RON
___ Kong HONG
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