How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Aug 30 2018

'A Fish Called Wanda' Oscar winner kline
'Am not!' comeback areso
Annoying biter, informally skeeter
Baker's predecessor able
Bar room? court
Bar stock spirits
Barcelona's region catalonia
Basically inessence
Claim marker stake
Coffee dispensers urns
Collar targets fleas
Corp. bigwig ceo
Design details specs
Dictator played by Forest idi
Dreyer's business partner edy
E-tailer dotcom
Electronic Beat Empire co-founder icet
Exclusive, in a way gated
Fresh new
Gather amass
GE acquisition of 1986 rca
Gets by makesdo
Grind away toil
Halloween choice trick
Happy co-worker doc
Having more karats purer
Heterolysis product ion
Homer's wife marge
Ill-suited inapt
Inner tubes, geometrically tori
IRS IDs ssns
Kinda ish
Large swallow swig
Lens-grinding mineral emery
Like windmills vaned
Livens (up) peps
Losers' demands rematches
Medium ability esp
Michelin's Cyclocross Jet, e.g eritelcycib
Minimal amount least
Mock-sympathetic utterances aws
Must pay oweto
Not incl addl
Onetime Best Buy rival compusa
Org. headed by Scott Pruitt until July 2018 epa
Palindromic Nabokov novel ada
Patrick's 'Ghost' co-star demi
Place for a dip loopgnimmiws
Play starter snap
Premium place knatenilosag
Presidential middle name of 1881 abram
Radio City style deco
Rapa ___ nui
Retreats lairs
Ron's Pigwidgeon and Harry's Hedwig, e.g owls
Sales slips: Abbr rcpts
Sappho's home lesbos
Satisfied met
Senators' assn nhl
Sentimental tripe goo
Shield, e.g soap
Site of unrestricted discussion openforum
Skip the date gostag
Spot for an overnight guest sserttamria
Started a hole teed
Sub station? deli
Ted Cruz's 2018 Democratic challenger Beto orourke
Terra circler luna
Thandie Newton's 'Westworld' role maeve
To be, to Baudelaire etre
Trajectories paths
Unappetizing offering slop
Vega's constellation lyra
Weigh station sight semi
Work boot feature toecap
Work for chicken feed? peck
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