How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Aug 23 2017

'A Perfect Peace' author Oz AMOS
'How about that!' GEE
'Rats!' DARN
'Show Boat' writer Ferber EDNA
3-D test MRI
A few pointers, say DOGS
A/C abbr BTU
Automaker Citroen ANDRE
Barbie's pal KEN
Bedouin bearer CAMEL
Before now AGO
Before, when before PRE
Benefactor to a harmonica band? MOUTHORGANDONOR
Braves white water RAFTS
Burn superficially CHAR
Capital of Zimbabwe? ZEE
Capitol runner PAGE
Cartographic notches BAYS
Chantelle product BRA
Color of a tomato RED
Convention center event EXPO
Couleur d'une tomate ROUGE
Dash, e.g RACE
Deal with empty shelves RESTOCK
Discreet meeting TRYST
Dualistic Egyptian god AMONRA
Dyne-centimeter ERG
Early delivery PREEMIE
Edit menu choice UNDO
Fitting number SIZE
Flight part STEP
Florist's reaction to a job well done? NOSEGAYPRIDE
Freight-hopping fellow HOBO
Frost bite NIP
Gangland gun GAT
Georgetown athlete HOYA
Go head to head COMPETE
Gum mass WAD
Hail target TAXI
Heavenly beings SERAPHS
Help when one shouldn't ABET
In doubt IFFY
Job in the cosmetics plant? EYESHADOWBOXING
Less strict LAXER
Like focus groups DIVERSE
Made a cattle call MOOED
Makeup applier POWDERPUFF
Many an Iraqi KURD
Mariners' catcher? NET
Mathematical comparison RATIO
Memorable stretches ERAS
Now or in the past EVER
Oscar winner as Loretta Castorini CHER
Palooka OAF
Parka part HOOD
Party bite CANAPE
Players in the majors PROS
Polite address SIR
Presumed author of Acts LUKE
Prince William's sister-in-law PIPPA
Purchase with an enviable smell NEWCAR
Quick with quips WITTY
Rail splitter AXE
Really fancy DESIRE
Resonant disk GONG
S.E. Hinton novel TEX
Serve a function at a function CATER
Site of disgusting swab exhibits? EARWAXMUSEUM
Stern-to-bow application ROSIN
Still clueless NOWISER
Thames paddler SWAN
Tube top CAP
Upscale hotel feature SPA
Versatile baseball player UTILITYMAN
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