How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Apr 20 2019

'Hmm...' letssee
'Hold on...' onesec
'How droll!' haha
'If I Had a Hammer' co-writer seeger
'Likewise!' samehere
'Sounds good to me!' imsold
'Texas Troubadour' Ernest tubb
1997 Jim Carrey movie liarliar
Achy sore
Advantage legup
Al Qurum Beach setting oman
All-encompassing prefix omni
Archipelago part islet
Armored knight's undergarment? tinshirt
As to inre
Attacked an attacker maced
Attire for justices robes
Attorney's concern laws
Attractive alluring
Audacious brassy
Band booster amp
Base eight octal
Big name in farm equipment deere
Billie Jean King Natl. Tennis Ctr. event usopen
Black, to a bard ebon
Booker T.'s backup group mgs
Bright pink inside, perhaps rare
Bus. ltr. insert enc
Chinese leader of the 1980s deng
Chowderhead dolt
CIO's partner afl
Classic recon plane utwo
Company division sales
Congressional debate, to a cynic? capitalgas
Controversial issue hotpotato
Country music's ___ Young Band eli
Court call oyez
Creative fellow ideaman
Dawn sunup
Dull blah
Edible marijuana? browniepot
Elementary recitation abcs
Emu cousin rhea
Expressed amazement aahed
External outer
FaceTime devices ipads
Fair hiring agcy eeoc
Fantasy alternative reallife
Figure drawing class figure model
Flagship flag ensign
Founder of Argentina's Justicialist Party peron
Friend of Wendy, John and Michael peter
From Frankfurt: Abbr ger
Fuss brouhaha
Hair ointment pomade
Hammer in Hollywood armie
Head shop purchase bong
Help when one shouldn't abet
Hired soldier, for short merc
Impassioned fiery
Impressionable pliant
Inclines leans
Iraqi city on the Tigris mosul
Is under no obligation to neednt
It's brought to order menu
It's served by JFK nyc
Italian affection amore
Item of intimate apparel for an iguana? lizardbra
Jan. 1 or Dec. 25, e.g hol
Japan's prime minister abe
Like the Fr. 'la' fem
Long-necked lute sitar
Low-ranking peer baron
Magnificent Matcha Green Tea maker lipton
Make a comeback answer
Many sci-fi characters aliens
Maupassant's '___ Vie' une
Middle of a Caesar boast isaw
Modern Persia iran
Molding type ogee
Name of eight English kings henry
Nellie's love in 'South Pacific' emile
No-show on stage godot
Noisy kiss smack
Not as much less
Obsessed captain ahab
Oliver's wife on 'Green Acres' lisa
Once going by nee
Oscar winner Marlee matlin
Ovine musical prodigy? lambchopin
Past partners exes
Pet holders cages
Pickup parts beds
Play set in a low-class bar? divecomedy
Poignant quality pathos
Polished shiny
Polite way of saying 'You're wrong!' idisagree
Pompidou Center setting paris
Poser phony
Provoke rile
Pull a face pout
Quick preview peek
Ready for mass mailing presorted
Regimens diets
Response to teasing ohyou
Ring rock gem
River near Balmoral Castle dee
Sch. with a Concord campus unh
Scottish cryptid nessie
Seep ooze
She's depicted on the Versace logo medusa
Shrewdness smarts
Simple vehicle wagon
Singing technique used by cowboys and mountaineers yodel
Skillfully made one's way through navigated
Small grove copse
South American prowlers ocelots
Space-saving staircase type spiral
Spot espy
Spring hop
Square dance moves dosidos
Stan's film friend ollie
Strip on the Mediterranean shore gaza
Sturgeon known for caviar beluga
Sushi condiment wasabi
Take home net
Tennis's Nastase ilie
Three-layer Valentine's Day chocolate box? fatheart
Trail path
Tree of knowledge locale eden
Vampires at mealtime? diningbats
What follows nine lives? catfinish
What optimists have hopes
Wheat field? grainyarea
Wheel-bound victim of Zeus ixion
Wikipedia conflicts editwars
Wonder awe
Woolly mother ewe
Wrist check pulse
___ favor por
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