How many letters in the Answer?

Wall Street Journal Apr 08 2017

'America's Next Top Model' creator TYRABANKS
'Austin City Limits' carrier PBS
'Idylls of the King' character ENID
'Interstellar' director Christopher NOLAN
'Spenser: For Hire' star URICH
'Wonderful' juice brand POM
2016 title role for Hanks SULLY
A couple of smackers? LIPS
Aarhus natives DANES
Ability tested with Zener cards ESP
All that was left in Pandora's box HOPE
Alleviates EASES
America's Cup entrant CATAMARAN
Aren't imaginary EXIST
At least once EVER
Ballgame stopper RAIN
Bar worker: Abbr ATTY
Booms, e.g SPARS
Botanically, it's a berry MELON
Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff LEES
Cab Calloway specialty JIVE
Calculated ONPURPOSE
Charge RUNAT
City with a Peace Memorial Park HIROSHIMA
Clampett's portrayer on 1960s TV EBSEN
Class with problems MATH
Collars NABS
Comes back RESPONDS
Cover ground, in a way PAVE
Crow's-nest cry LANDAHOY
Crowded housing TENEMENT
Curved blade SCIMITAR
Dead Sea harvest SALT
Dealing with the situation ONIT
Declines SLIPS
Derby setting EPSOM
Dodge of the 1980s ARIES
Dog holder BUN
Dress down SCOLD
Drop like ___ potato AHOT
Ecologically supportive GREEN
Elvis's longtime label RCA
Embedded agents MOLES
Emphatic denial HELLNO
End of an academic address EDU
English river OUSE
Eric of 'Troy' BANA
Faulty AMISS
Figs NOS
Fools who favor a fragrant flavoring? PEPPERMINTTWITS
Foreman's announcement GUILTY
Forklift burden CRATE
Gathering of hippies BEIN
Grand worker TUNER
Gyro meat LAMB
Half of an African capital city ABABA
Handle ALIAS
Hanukkah fare LATKE
Harris honorific BRER
Harry S Truman State Park location MISSOURI
Heavenly real estate? PARADISELOTS
Honda's luxury line ACURA
Horse-drawn carriages SHAYS
It's shared by mythology's Gray Sisters ONEEYE
Its end is commemorated on Nov. 11 WWI
Its symbol was inspired by the epsilon EURO
Jug-filling aid FUNNEL
Kiddie explorer DORA
La-di-da SNOBBY
Lawn gadget EDGER
Letters on many Delta boarding passes ATL
Literally, 'ocean' in Mongolian DALAI
Longtime NBC show SNL
Make a crisp crust on SEAR
Maker of Aleve and Alka-Seltzer BAYER
Manipulate PLY
Manning in MetLife Stadium ELI
Mayberry resident AUNTBEE
Military barracks inspection? COTSANALYSIS
NOLA sandwiches POBOYS
Not random ORDERED
Old Fords LTDS
Old possessive THY
Oppressor TYRANT
Orrery spheres PLANETS
Oscar nominee for 'Creed' STALLONE
Ovum, e.g GAMETE
Parodies SENDSUP
Piano bar covers? IVORYCOATS
Porridge particle OAT
Prejudice SLANT
Presumptuous explorer? STANLEY
Private meal MESS
Program about the polish of popular poets of the 1950s? BEAUTYANDTHEBEATS
Reader of 22-Across RABBI
Reading for 17-Down TORAH
Reindeer herders LAPPS
Reunion wear NAMETAG
Ruling groups JUNTAS
Scrutinize syntactically PARSE
Seeb citizen OMANI
Senate minority leader before Daschle LOTT
Separate OTHER
Sheik's subjects ARABS
Show whose characters include Pouncival and Jellylorum CATS
Shrewdness ACUMEN
Soccer's Hamm MIA
Software fix PATCH
Some are black OPS
Some nobles EARLS
Son of Cain ENOCH
Sources of some organs DONORS
South Seas sequel OMOO
Southern dish provided to factory workers? GRITSFORTHEMILL
Spa for some specialized bodybuilding? LATSRESORT
Stadium sound RAH
Supporters' answers YEAS
Tach measure RPM
Tailoring target HEM
Tear RIP
Temperaments NATURES
Terrarium growth MOSS
Testing center LAB
The record for it is over 75 feet SHOTPUT
Tongue-flicking animal TOAD
Traffic app notifications ALERTS
Turning jumps AXELS
Unpopular and then some HATED
Vinegar variety BALSAMIC
Violates a treaty, perhaps REARMS
Water, dryly ADAMSALE
Wave producer SINE
Yemeni port ADEN
___ Helens MTST
___ Lingus AER
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