How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin Crosswords Mar 20 2012

"Daily Manhattan media news and gossip" site GAWKER
"Isn't that somethin'?" GEE
"Letters to a Young Contrarian" author Christopher HITCHENS
"M*A*S*H" setting KOREA
"Sesame Street" org., back in the day CTW
"Spiffy!" NEATO
"Surprised?" follow-up DONTBE
"Tiny Bubbles" crooner DONHO
1958 Best Picture winner GIGI
Abbr. at an airport terminal ETD
Actor Jon of "Homicide" SEDA
Add atop a refuse pile, after aiming out and missing? THROWONTHETRASH
Cambodian currency RIEL
Cave under weight BOW
Egg-shaped OVOID
Electronic bracelet site ANKLE
Fencing swords EPEES
Focus for some committees ETHICS
Fortune teller SEER
Fox News analyst, often NEOCON
Freeze again, like slush to ice REHARDEN
Frenemy, in part FOE
Good, in Guatemala BIEN
Happy acquaintance? SNOWWHITE
Heavyweight boxer Fields TYE
Hit the jackpot WON
Hold, like a vehicle SEAT
IDs often used in identity theft SSNS
In a suddenly quiet way HUSHEDLY
It's inside an env ENCL
It's put on a chair in a prank TACK
Just being there PRESENCE
Leaves out OMITS
Like many musical wonders ONEHIT
Like molasses SLOW
Linoleum pattern shapes, sometimes OCTAGONS
Ma who says "baa" EWE
Magnus Carlsen's game CHESS
Marcia and Felicity's co-star TERI
Member of a duo that "went to sea in a beautiful pea-green boat" THEOWL
Muesli ingredient OATS
National code-breaking gp. (found in VACATION) ACA
Not real, like some crab meat: abbr IMIT
Olympic swimmer with 12 medals ___ Torres DARA
One-person opera performances SOLI
Org. that operates the world's largest particle physics lab CERN
Others, in Spanish OTRAS
Pai ___ (gambling game) GOW
Peace Nobelist Lech ___ WALESA
Pilot's heading: abbr SSE
Placing, at the track SECOND
Prepared like some ahi SEARED
Prescription figures DOSES
Rapper with the 2011 hit "Work Out" JCOLE
Reeeeeally long time EON
Responds to (in a certain way) TREATSAS
Rolls-Royce's parent company BMW
Room where church records are kept VESTRY
Seals (out) SHUTS
Shade darker than eggshell ECRU
Shirley who was painted gold in "Goldfinger" EATON
Sports uniform for an all-out brawl, after aiming back and missing? THROWDOWNJERSEY
Sportscaster Shaquille ONEAL
Square cookie FIGNEWTON
Stadium divisions TIERS
Strikes, in Biblical terms SMITES
Summers abroad? ETES
Tenth-grader, for short SOPH
This clue's number EIGHT
Ultimatum ender ORELSE
What your dog might do after eating his way through your linen closet, after aiming in and missing? THROWUPTHETOWEL
Work without ___ (take risks) ANET
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