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Jonesin Crosswords Jan 15 2013

"Damages" actor Donovan TATE
"Ghost Hunters" network SYFY
"Prelude to ___" AKISS
"The Far Side" organism AMOEBA
Airport abbr ETD
Army's football rival NAVY
Average grade CEE
Award given by a cable station ESPY
Aziz of "Parks and Recreation" ANSARI
Benedict of "The A-Team" DIRK
Biblical verb ending ETH
Bop on the head CONK
Carrier based in Sigtuna, Sweden SAS
Champion skier Phil MAHRE
Chess computer + thick directory? DEEPGREENPAGES
Chill, as with your homies HANG
Class including salamanders and toads AMPHIBIA
Colorful bubbly + Dallas Mavericks shooting guard? PINKMIMOSAMAYO
Completely got NAILED
Continent home to the world's newest nation AFRICA
Corporate honcho EXEC
Describes in words LIMNS
Done with OVER
Duncan appointed to the Obama cabinet ARNE
Epps of "House" OMAR
Figure on a car sticker MSRP
Fit and Civic HONDAS
Genre for Talking Heads and Killing Joke POSTPUNK
Gift giver's command OPENIT
Gives the thumbs-up to OKAYS
His ___ (cribbage term; anagram of SNOB) NOBS
Hit, in olden times SMITE
Home of Jumeirah Beach DUBAI
Hot rock LAVA
How storybooks are read ALOUD
Insts. of higher learning UNIVS
It's reached after returning from a long journey HOMESOIL
Jordan's capital AMMAN
Like some January forecasts ICY
Long-running PBS show NOVA
Lucy of "Elementary" LIU
Mag workers EDS
Marinade alternative DRYRUB
Meets by chance RUNSINTO
Metal band known for its foam costumes GWAR
More up to it ABLER
News notices ALERTS
Obedience school command SIT
Olympics chant USA
One of 26 for Stevie Wonder GRAMMY
Peninsula in SE Asia MALAY
Perro's housemate GATO
Picture puzzle REBUS
Place where you need a PIN ATM
Put your hands together CLAP
Ready to rest COMFY
Ring decision TKO
Sacha Baron Cohen character ALIG
Samuel on the Supreme Court ALITO
Skirt length MAXI
Source of wealth + source of mozzarella? PAYMUDBUFFALO
Stud stakes ANTE
Subjects of gazing NAVELS
Take ___ from ACUE
Teddy bear exterior FUR
The Swell Season, e.g DUO
They can crash PCS
They house engines, for short FDS
Tortilla's cousin WRAP
Total disaster FIASCO
Toto's type of terrier CAIRN
Trix flavor GRAPE
Website to see if your favorite urban legend is really true SNOPES
___ standstill ATA
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