How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Sep 06 2009

'Nada,' across the Pyrenees RIEN
'On the Media' provider NPR
'Purple cow' poet Burgess GELETT
'Survivor' host PROBST
'Treasure of the Sierra Madre' pseudonym TRAVEN
'Tuesdays With __' MORRIE
1972 play, '6 Rms __' RIVVU
1980s Mets pitcher Bob OJEDA
Actress Gardner AVA
Actress Sommer ELKE
Actress Welch RAQUEL
Adorn DECK
Analgesic brand ALEVE
Apt first name for a baseball player? CLETE
Artificial FAUX
Bat signal? SONAR
Bea Arthur role MAUDE
Bill with billions GATES
Blog entry POST
Bookstore section HOWTOS
Bow ties? OBIS
Burrito minutia FRIJOLE
Caboose's location REAR
Carte lead-in ALA
Church perch PEW
Circle pieces ARCS
Clothing (Spanish) ROPA
Cloverleaf parts RAMPS
Collapse CAVE
Connecticut student's mollusk? YALESNAIL
Coup group JUNTA
Custom HABIT
De Valera of Ireland EAMON
Deep-frying need OIL
Ellen Page title role JUNO
Epistle (abbr.) LTR
Expert PRO
Finance adviser Suze ORMAN
Fly catcher WEB
Football lining BLADDER
For this reason HEREAT
Forehead fringe BANGS
Freud contemporary JUNG
Garden faves GLADS
Garfield's pal ODIE
Gendarme FLIC
Generic pooch FIDO
Georgia student's PC marker? MERCERCURSOR
Grable trademark GAMS
Graduates ALUMS
Grant and Irving AMYS
Half a school fight song BOOLA
Half of 'dodici' SEI
Hamilcar __ (general of Carthage) BARCA
Hathaway or Heche ANNE
He played Hopalong Cassidy BOYD
High-quality PRIME
Hosp. staffers RNS
Hotel staffer MAID
Inauguration recitation OATH
Inspector Maigret's creator SIMENON
Interchangeable SAME
Invitation to a hitchhiker HOPIN
Italy's largest lake GARDA
Journalist __ Rogers St. Johns ADELA
Kauai keepsakes LEIS
Kenny Rogers's 'She Believes __' INME
Kiefer's dad DONALD
Knight's sound CLANK
Laugh-provoking FUNNY
Left Bank locale SEINE
Leia portrayer FISHER
Like good soil LOAMY
Loses it PANICS
Lotion additive ALOE
Low hand? PEON
Madrid, 'por ejemplo' CIUDAD
Matter of fact? TRUTH
Memory method ROTE
Merriment GLEE
Michael who played 'Star Trek''s Kang ANSARA
More apt to snoop NOSIER
Movado alternative ROLEX
Music box? IPOD
My brothel's keeper? MADAM
Never again? ONCE
New York student's ennui? FORDHAMBOREDOM
New York student's payment site? COLGATETOLLGATE
North Carolina student's ghost? DUKESPOOK
O. Henry's specialty IRONY
Ob tributary IRTYSH
Ohio student's meat? DENISONVENISON
Pat down FRISK
Penguins' hangouts FLOES
Personal (abbr.) PRIV
Physics calculation MASS
Pismire ANT
Poke JAB
Praise in verse ODE
Precinct AREA
Predicament BIND
Prepare to shoot COCK
Pretense FACADE
Relied (on) HINGED
Relinquish YIELD
Run for dear life? ELOPE
Salad base, often PASTA
Scented soft soaps GELEES
Schlemiel LOSER
Screws up ERRS
Semisoft cheese GOUDA
Sensible shoes FLATS
Sextet halves TRIOS
Show chutzpah DARE
Simile center ASA
Simpson baby MAGGIE
Smart-__ ALECKY
Spam maker HORMEL
Supermarket stack CANS
Sweeney Todd portrayer DEPP
Symbol of mightiness OAK
Talk like an ass BRAY
Tangle GNARL
Tennessee student's soup? FISKBISQUE
Texas student's hunting boat? BAYLORWHALER
Texas student's mineral? RICEGNEISS
Tokyo's old name EDO
Top performance level AGAME
Transvaal settler BOER
Under 'Q,' maybe FILED
Winter forecast SLEET
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