How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Jan 10 2010

'...__ saw Elba' EREI
'Fiddler on the Roof' role PERCHIK
'Get __ here!' OUTTA
'Herr''s wife FRAU
'I see now' OHOK
'Norte' opposite SUR
'Ode to Spring' phrase? ILOVEYOUMAY
'Take __ your leader' METO
'The Cabinet __ Caligari' OFDR
'The Silver Chalice' author COSTAIN
'Titanic' cast member ZANE
'Twilight' protagonist BELLA
'Two Women' star LOREN
'Zip-__-Doo-Dah' ADEE
'__ ever so humble,...' BEIT
'__ woods these are...' WHOSE
11/11 honorees VETS
20 Down's subject ACCOUNT
7 to 10 on the Beaufort Scale GALES
Actor Lorenzo LAMAS
Architect __ Ming Pei IEOH
Attempts STABS
Autobiography MEMOIR
Baked, in Bologna COTTA
Beehive State UTAH
Books causing 'deja vu'? REPRINTS
Car trip for a Greek monster? SPHINXSRIDE
Cassette parts REELS
Cassini of fashion OLEG
Celebrity FAME
Cell-wall tally DAYS
Chemical suffix ENE
Citi Field squad METS
Civet's cousin GENET
Clerics of Cluny ABBES
Columnist Barrett RONA
Common, maybe PARK
Compromise some BEND
Costner, to De Niro's Capone NESS
Couple, to 3 Down ITEM
Creosote provider BEECH
CSI's DNA collectors SWABS
Date exclusively GOSTEADY
Daytime pandemonium? BEDLAMOFLIGHT
Dear, to Dino CARA
Deluge refuge ARK
Director's command CUT
Duel tool EPEE
Embellish ADORN
Energetic GOGO
Express support, one way VOTEAYE
Expression LOOK
Expulsions OUSTERS
Filled the hold LADED
Forehead BROW
Foundered SANK
Half of Mork's signoff NANU
Having spindles AXLED
Hebrew consonants TAVS
Hematologist's task? BLOODCURING
Here and there? APART
HST's successor DDE
Interlaken's river AARE
Interlock MESH
Kathy Griffin's status? DLIST
Kodak founder EASTMAN
Laid up ILL
Laptop's panic-button ESC
Lassie : Timmy :: Astro : __ ELROY
Lawyers' org. ABA
Like hosiery models LEGGY
Lionized comic? LAHR
Longtime NBC hit SNL
Low coral reefs CAYS
Mac cover, alas? SADLYCHEESE
Maintain HAVE
Message board? OUIJA
Metro and Prizm GEOS
Mountain goat IBEX
Much of Mongolia GOBI
N.T. book HEB
Nancy's home? LORRAINE
Not in there OMITTED
Notorious 'The Apprentice' contender of 2004 OMAROSA
Oater activity, often GUNPLAY
Oklahoma tribe OTOE
Peeples or Vardalos NIA
Pinnacle APEX
Pitch TAR
Pitts of Hollywood lore ZASU
Pledge-drive net PBS
Portia's partner ELLEN
Prepare to flog? HOLDACANETO
Primogeniture beneficiaries SONS
Proof of ownership DEED
Quantico gp. USMC
Quick round of tennis ONESET
Reason for sudden death TIE
Recent First Daughter JENNA
Recording of some interest? BANKBOOK
Residents' suffix ESE
Responses to charges PLEAS
Revolution duration YEAR
Ribbon #1559? MDLIXTAPE
Rock drummer Ulrich LARS
Sault-Marie link STE
Scoundrel CAD
Second helping ANOTHER
See 19 Down ITSAT
Sgt. Friday's quest FACTS
Slightly ATAD
Slip cover? DRESS
Some pretzels RODS
Sounds of reproof TUTS
Spiritualist author Chopra DEEPAK
Split up REND
Spumante center ASTI
Square EVEN
Square-dance group OCTET
Stand in a studio TRIPOD
Surround GIRD
They're tender MONIES
Tire, in Toulouse PNEU
Tokyo, long ago EDO
Tolerate BROOK
Tool repository SHED
Unable to continue STUCK
Use a Super Soaker SQUIRT
Valuable deposits ORES
Washington gridder SEAHAWK
Whirlpool VORTEX
White-suited author Tom WOLFE
Wisecrack QUIP
With 26-Across, why guys use nicknames? GENTLEMEN
With 43 Down, site of great activity WHERE
Writer Silverstein SHEL
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