How many letters in the Answer?

Boston Globe Apr 08 2012

'8 Mile' rapper EMINEM
'Rule, Britannia!' composer ARNE
'Stand and Deliver' star OLMOS
'Taxi Driver' director SCORSESE
'What's more...' AND
'You're it!' sayers TAGGERS
1969 Creedence tune LODI
2009 Hilary role AMELIA
28-Across, in Spain ESTO
A buck or two DEER
A bunch of hooey EYEWASH
A lot to cross OCEAN
Ad phrase SLOGAN
Aid for the error-prone ERASER
An end of a loaf HEEL
Audience disapproval HISSES
Authority on usage FOWLER
Bank takeback REPO
Barbecue faves RIBS
Be a maker CREATE
Be thunderstruck REEL
Beaten rather badly CREAMED
Bee's knees-or a frisky spot? CATSMEADOW
Bellicose god ARES
Benefit SAKE
Blue Jays slugger Adam LIND
Breather REST
Bridal page word NEE
Capital of Zimbabwe HARARE
Chancellor Merkel ANGELA
Close to NEAR
Communal SHARED
Company GUEST
Con artist's pushover RUBE
Conveying stylish dash SPORTY
Court order WRIT
Crumby heroine? GRETEL
Cygnus supergiant DENEB
Digs with a flap TENT
Director Kazan ELIA
Diz's jazz BEBOP
Dog in old shoe ads TIGE
Dragged down ABASED
Drawbridge necessitator MOAT
Drops early? DEW
Ending on some pasta INI
Even older hat? TRITER
Event in a yard SALE
Far from lush ARID
Fenway arbiters UMPS
Fibs-or brides? WHITELADIES
Figurative faults WARTS
From Aberystwyth's land WELSH
Fugitive flights LAMS
Golf-watching group GALLERY
Got together again REUNED
Harbor dragger TUG
Hatcher or Garr TERI
Henry Ford's son EDSEL
Hospital pic MRI
Iditarod power source SLEDDOG
Inland Asian sea ARAL
Iron-pumping move PRESS
Island instruments UKES
Ivy Leaguers YALIES
John Wayne flick-or AM-FM bluster? RADIOBRAVADO
Judge's decisions RULINGS
Justice Kagan ELENA
Kingsley or Martin AMIS
Knee protectors PADS
Lee of Hollywood ANG
Letter under a tilde ENE
Lettering choice FONT
Linguistic suffix on tax EME
Low-ranked noble BARON
Mag. workers EDS
Male butter HEGOAT
Marinara must TOMATO
Markdown reason DEFECT
Mini-albums EPS
More Mexican? MAS
Move toward the top ELEVATE
Mythical Greek sprinter ATALANTA
Night program-or moon effect? LATESHADOW
Not-so-swell swelling MUMPS
Object of worship IDOL
Official heads-ups MEMOS
Org. since 1949 NATO
Overwrought dramas SOAPS
Paid experts PROS
Partner of that THIS
People decoupled EXES
Pharyngeal tonsils ADENOIDS
Po Valley town MODENA
Point of complaint BEEF
Poor slob WRETCH
Pushup-doing Oscar winner PALANCE
Put a name to ENTITLE
Rudder controllers TILLERS
Says solemnly AVOWS
Sci-fi sport-or song? ROLLERBALLAD
Shakespearean sprite ARIEL
Shoes-or flood advice? WADINGTIPS
Shorter than usual STUNTED
Shoulder-to-elbow bones HUMERI
Sign of life PULSE
Sixty secs MIN
Skedaddled FLED
Smartphones, mostly PDAS
Smear in ink LIBEL
Some 79-Acrosses IBEXES
Some retired profs EMERITI
Southwestern cuisine TEXMEX
Soy sauce TAMARI
Special Forces wear BERET
Start-or start urging? GETGOADING
Stop on __ ADIME
Story-starting words ONEDAY
Strong, as medicine POTENT
Stunt in singing YODEL
Suit to __ ATEE
Sunblock precursors PARASOLS
Surrealist Kahlo FRIDA
Sweet song girl ADELINE
T-Bird alternative VETTE
The fashion, if you're French LAMODE
Thick as a brick DENSE
Those who should know better ADULTS
Unostentatious MODEST
Uplifting name? OTIS
Warm-up track circuit PACELAP
Was in the vanguard LED
Way to go ROUTE
Wheel-or rant? SPARETIRADE
Words that warn you ORELSE
Yo-Yo's strings CELLO
__ noire BETE
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