How many letters in the Answer?

Thinks.com Jan 03 2007

'At once!' STAT
'Buona ___' (Italian greeting) SERA
'Crazy Love' singer ANKA
'De ___ Poetica' (ancient treatise) ARTE
'Friends' role ROSS
'The Wind in the Willows' author GRAHAME
'___ Work It Out' WECAN
Abstruse DEEP
Accords PACTS
Action film sequence CHASE
Actor Buchholz HORST
Add one's two cents OPINE
Added to the payroll HIRED
Admit openly AVOW
Aesthetic sense TASTE
Alias abbr. AKA
All together ENMASSE
Andean land PERU
Annoying insect GNAT
At this point HERE
Auction actions NODS
Balance sheet item ASSET
Barbarella director VADIM
Be a breadwinner EARN
Be a ham in 'Hamlet'? EMOTE
Beaver's project DAM
Big celebration GALA
Big prefix MEGA
Bird-feeder filler SEEDS
Boundary EDGE
Brain membrane DURAMATER
Brings up REARS
By and large ASARULE
Campbell of country GLEN
Capital of Senegal DAKAR
Chess pieces MEN
Church niche APSE
Classic violin STRAD
Colony member ANT
Comprehension GRASP
Computer fodder DATA
Cushion PAD
Deceptive motion FEINT
Deposed OUSTED
Electron's place ATOM
Endurance STAMINA
First name in cosmetics ESTEE
Fishing spot LAKE
Former Belgrade bigwig TITO
Former prime-time equine MRED
Gallivant ROAM
Go bad SPOIL
Golden Fleece craft ARGO
Imitated APED
Indolence SLOTH
July birthstone CORNELIAN
Large quantity SLEW
Last Supper guest APOSTLE
Lost traction SLID
Mandela's org. ANC
Marsh plant SEDGE
Mosaic piece TESSERA
Neck of the woods AREA
Needle apertures EYES
Out of danger SAFE
Package sealer TAPE
PC key DEL
Powder, to a skier SNOW
Price indicators TAGS
Raggedy ___ ANN
Rich cake TORTE
Route finder ROADATLAS
Salesperson, for short REP
Second-largest city in Texas DALLAS
Sign of things to come OMEN
West Coast zone PST
___ a hatter MADAS
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