How many letters in the Answer?

The A.V Club Mar 12 2008

'Hold your horses!' WHOA
'So that's your game!' OHO
'The Wire' airer HBO
'Unfortunately ...' ALAS
'Yes ___' (Obama's campaign slogan) WECAN
'yonder deadfromtheneckup graduate...' poet EECUMMINGS
1847 South Seas adventure OMOO
A bull's may be pierced SEPTUM
Airport uniform abbr. TSA
American rival: Abbr. UAL
Automat neighbor COKEMACHINE
Blade site OAR
Borscht need BEET
Called across the field? MOOED
Cartoonist Browne DIK
Certain 80's clothing fashion ACIDWASHEDJEANS
Chevy truck model TAHOE
Come home SCORE
D.C. United org. MLS
Dad's rival AANDW
Displaced person, maybe EMIGRE
Electronic newsgroup system USENET
Engage in tomfoolery HORSEAROUND
Evil-___ (the only female villain in The Masters of the Universe) LYN
Familia members TIAS
Fashion designer Marc who bought Barry Bonds's 756th home run ball ECKO
Habeas corpus, e.g. WRIT
Heat up again REWARM
Helps do wrong ABETS
Homes for hatchlings NESTS
Hoped-for mail for freelancers CHECKS
How some comments may be written INRED
Hush-hush org. NSA
Immune system lymphocytes TCELLS
Is untruthful with LIESTO
It happens, it's said SHIT
Japanese dish served with udon, tofu, vegetables and raw beaten eggs SUKIYAKI
Just like ALA
Key with three sharps AMAJOR
Landscaper's tool WEEDWACKER
Like some discounted mdse. IRR
Like some forecasts ECONOMIC
Little twerp SNOT
LPGA's Sorenstam ANNIKA
Make ready, briefly PREP
Marquee time NITE
Mil. decoration DSC
Mo. named for an emperor AUG
Mythical goat/man SATYR
On the ___ DOT
Org. that publishes an alternative to the New England Journal AMA
Pilot's heading SSE
Prima donna problem EGO
Rowed the garden HOED
Run out of ideas DRYUP
Shiny gold fabric LAME
Siege deterrents MOATS
Singular person ONER
Skateboard trick done in half pipes AERIAL
Smith, of a sort SHOER
Sorrows' opposites JOYS
Starers GAZERS
Super Bowl XLII winners NYGIANTS
Takes a dive? SCUBAS
Targets of some sprays ODORS
Track calculation ODDS
Treat, as seawater DESALT
Trigonometry wave SINE
Up to, informally TIL
Wasn't steadfast RAN
Watering hole ALEHOUSE
Will's wife JADA
Word with room or center REC
Words before 'So sue me!' ILIED
___ Percé NEZ
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