How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday May 13 2007

"An' they're hangin' Danny --- in the mornin'" DEEVER
"Annie" showstopper TOMORROW
"Dialogue" writer PLATO
"Easter Parade" penner BERLIN
"Grand Illusion" director Jean RENOIR
"Huh!?" WHA
"It seems to me," in emails IMHO
"Must've been something ---" IATE
"NewsHour" home PBS
"The Godfather" composer Nino ROTA
--- in the right direction ASTEP
007 the sailor? SEAMANCONNERY
99D, e.g. REPRISE
Actor often on "The Road" CROSBY
African antelope ORYX
Attention-getting element GRABBER
Autodom's Flying Cloud REO
Barber wrote one for strings ADAGIO
Barely moves along? STREAKS
Base criminals? AWOL
Be rough with the reins YANK
Big name in hostelry HILTON
Big Nintendo plumber? MARIOGRANDE
Blade wetter DEW
Blowtorch fuel GAS
Breezy idiom SLANG
Brush-offs SNUBS
Bunche or Bellamy RALPH
Cals. counterpart BTUS
Capacitance units FARADS
Change from a 10 to a 12 RESIZE
Changeable seat cover? DIAPER
Cheerless SOMBER
Come up with DEVISE
Coming up ARISING
Commotion ADO
Consoler's offering HUG
Continental capital? EURO
Cruise ships LINERS
Cry of accomplishment THERE
Curly or Larry STOOGE
David's father-in-law SAUL
Decoration ADORNMENT
Desiccated SERE
Director with three Oscars CAPRA
Duracell displaymate RAYOVAC
Edible French wheel BRIE
Ex-Dodger Hershiser OREL
Expressed displeasure BOOED
Extroverted OUTGOING
Family of five, e.g. CARLOAD
Felicitous APT
Forget- --- MENOT
Four Monopoly sqs. RRS
Gary Larson's Mexican treats? TAMALESFROMTHEFARSIDE
Gazpacho or cock-a-leekie SOUP
God, to Gaudi DIOS
Good for the French BONNE
Hawthorne's home SALEM
Health guru Art ULENE
Hearst : San Simeon :: Kane : --- XANADU
Henner's "Taxi" role NARDO
Humbling feeling AWE
Impetuous ardor ELAN
Infection variety STAPH
Inflight est. ETA
It fits in a lock OAR
It's a thought IDEA
Keanu Reeves' breakfast fare? MATRIXCEREAL
Kelp is one SEAWEED
Ladies' room? ODA
Lassies' counterparts LADS
Latin lesson word AMAS
Leatherneck MARINE
Light on one's feet SPRY
Like King George III MAD
Live-in helper AUPAIR
Lose energy FADE
Loud get-ups? ALARMS
Made bank withdrawals? ERODED
Maestro de Waart EDO
Mideast intelligence organization MOSSAD
Molder ROT
Moore-Minnelli documentary? MAKINGARTHUR
Most August birthday boys LEOS
Nancy Drew's beau NED
Navy brass decor BRAID
Netscape's owner AOL
Newscast ending RECAP
Opening of two Tins RIN
Oscar role for Meryl SOPHIE
Oversupply GLUT
Parking option HEADIN
Pearl's house? OYSTER
Places for schusses SLOPES
Pocket full of food? PITA
Pod population PEAS
Poirot's pal AMI
Polygraph flunker LIAR
Popular Hearst mag. COSMO
Post-larva stage PUPA
Powers of "Deadwood" BOOTHE
Prefix with nuclear or freeze ANTI
Raleigh's rival ESSEX
Ready to skinny-dip NUDE
Remains to be seen? RUINS
Richard of "A Summer Place" EGAN
Rosa's Cantina town ELPASO
Salt and pepper, e.g. NOUNS
She had bad hair days MEDUSA
Simmering ABOIL
Singer's warm-up notes MIS
Springtime genes? MAYCHROMOSOME
Starbuck's assent AYE
Start of some art movement names NEO
Steve of South Africa BIKO
Street, to Magritte RUE
Sugary suffix OSE
Superlatively strange ODDEST
Tahoe/Yukon SUVS
Takes off on APES
Tenet's CIA successor GOSS
The Ponderosa's series BONANZA
Theological topic SIN
Toys for Tots, perhaps TYPO
TV sound AUDIO
Uncommon, to Cato RARA
Velvety-petaled bloom PANSY
Walk with attitude SASHAY
Weather map line ISOBAR
What Dorothy exclaimed over her salad? OHTOMATOTOO
Wine list section REDS
Wordsworth work ODE
Writer Welty EUDORA
You don't have to take it ELECTIVE
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