How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Jun 19 2005

"--- get it" ("Huh?") IDONT
"--- Kleine Nachtmusik" EINE
"Delta of Venus" author NIN
"Idylls of the King" lady ENID
"In" place? DOOR
"Like this, for short" ITAL
"Meet Me --- Louis" INST
"Schindler's List" actress Davidtz EMBETH
--- generis SUI
1971 Beatty title role MCCABE
A kilt may reveal it CLAN
Aeronautic Cubs PIPERS
Assimilate anew RESORB
Astral Altar ARA
Ballet studio prop BARRE
Be ravenous STARVE
Belushi "SNL" role SAMURAI
Bill/Bob's 1996 opponent ROSS
Blaise of philosophy PASCAL
Blazing soul group? COALANDTHEGANG
Blunted sword EPEE
Boulevard of flames? SPARKAVENUE
Bride's bring-with TROUSSEAU
Brusque CURT
Cash, to Caruso LIRE
Cayuse control REIN
CEO résumé item MBA
Chantey chanter TAR
Chat-room chuckle LOL
Chinese weight unit TAEL
Combustible cassette? SCORCHTAPE
Come in feet first SLIDE
Concierge, often BOOKER
Cookout throwaway COB
Cue user ACTOR
Cuts/pastes EDITS
Deep pit CHASM
Din from a den ROARS
Disconcert ABASH
Diver's apparatus SCUBA
Dressing table VANITY
Dropped pop-up, e.g. ERROR
Dry as dust ARID
Dust-up participants SCUFFLERS
Egyptian fertility goddess ISIS
Even-money situation TOSSUP
Exactly right SPOTON
Face on a fiver ABE
Field marshal? REF
First U.S. color TV maker RCA
Fix-it's forte REPAIR
Flashes from Churchill VSIGNS
Flower-arranging art IKEBANA
Fold-out bed COT
Football great Johnny UNITAS
Force units DYNES
Gene of "Runaway Jury" HACKMAN
Geometer's find AREA
Get the news HEAR
Ginnie/Fannie MAES
Go back over RETRACE
Golden Horde member TATAR
Grammy nominee India.--- ARIE
He played Chips DONAT
Hodges of the Dodgers GIL
Homegrown conflagration? BURNINTHEUSA
Hot hit for Presley? RETURNTOCINDER
House call? VOTE
Hydrogen compound ENOL
If you take this, you'll be sick ILL
In name only NOMINAL
Incendiary Otto Preminger flick? FOREVEREMBER
Iroquois' enemies ERIES
It gets worn out COAT
Join in a nursery ENGRAFT
Julia on the screen RAUL
Kane on a soap ERICA
Knightstick? LANCE
Largest U.S. union NEA
Lawful flame starter? LEGALTINDER
Life drawing subject NUDE
Lift one's spirits? TOAST
Long poem division CANTO
Make obscure BLEAR
Make possible ENABLE
Maryland bird ORIOLE
Menudo, mostly TRIPE
Molding type OGEE
More like a bagatelle? MERER
Moulin Rouge attraction CANCAN
Move emotionally STIR
NCO's first unit? NON
Newborn's paraphernalia LAYETTE
Nobel poet Sachs NELLY
Not of the cloth LAIC
Not quite right AMISS
NYC mayor between Beame/Dinkins KOCH
Old Olympic awards LAURELS
One busted in a bust USER
Optimally ATBEST
Oscar Madison type SLOB
Performer Peeples NIA
Pinochle low card NINE
Plainspoken FRANK
Play about a female smoke-eater? MYFIRELADY
Plenty of horn? TUBA
Present time? YULE
Pronoun for you/me OUR
Provides a Q&A's Q's ASKS
Queen's subject ANT
Rare trick taker FOUR
Reagan nickname DUTCH
Reflexive pronoun ITSELF
River ducks TEALS
Royal, to Raul REAL
Saree-clad royals RANEES
Saul's realm ISRAEL
Second shot, perhaps RETAKE
Spanish artist SERT
Still hungry UNSATED
Student of "The Prince" SCHEMER
Subject of peer pressure? SERF
Sum total ENTIRETY
Survive ENDURE
Tonsorial touch-up TRIM
Tugboat greeting TOOT
Turns on the waterworks CRIES
Uneasy feeling ANGST
USC, to some SOCAL
Vehicle in an infantry song CAISSON
W.C. Fields persona SOUSE
Walked on TROD
Was in a 10K RACED
Wolfgang follower AMADEUS
Word repeated a consoler THERE
World's largest peninsula ARABIA
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