How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Sunday Aug 15 2010

"... and pulled out ___" APLUM
"Alley ___" OOP
"Golden Boy" penner ODETS
"Happy Days" malt shop ARNOLDS
"If you cut your hair that way, Alice, you're goin' straight to the moon!" BANGSZOOM
"Like a Rock" singer SEGER
"Mystery solved!" AHA
"You rang?" YES
("Hey you ...") PSST
Actress Joanne DRU
Adjust, as a lute TUNE
Ages and ages EONS
Animal kingdom divisions PHYLA
Arrest NAB
Art, nowadays? ARE
Artist's community BOHEMIA
Astronaut Cooper's nickname GORDO
Big ref. OED
Birds and snakes do it MOLT
Boozehound SOT
Building wing ELL
Cafe emanation AROMA
Calendar pgs. MOS
Camel stop OASIS
Canadian prov. QUE
Capek play RUR
Carte opener ALA
Casablanca visitor ILSA
Choice: abbr. SEL
Co-star with Kate and Jaclyn FARRAH
Coffee container URN
Cookie Monster's usual newspaper request in N.Y.? GIVEMETIMES
Corn-coction? MEAL
Courtroom VIPs DAS
Door feature JAMB
Downstairs, at sea BELOW
Drain pain CLOG
Driver's club AAA
Drum site EAR
Early computer ENIAC
Early orbiter GLENN
Einstein's birthplace ULM
Elle, over here SHE
End for end? ING
English school ETON
Entertainer Tessie OSHEA
Epsom product SALTS
Ex-senator Sam NUNN
Expected DUE
Feller's tool AXE
Filmin' Jeremy? SHOOTINIRONS
First Dog of the 1940s FALA
Flightless bird EMU
Floater on the Flood ARK
French school ECOLE
Furthermore PLUS
Glasses for really, really sensitive eyes? NIGHTSHADES
Golfer Se Ri ___ PAK
Gone up RISEN
Grad topper CAP
Grafton's "___ for Alibi" AIS
Great weight TON
Hard ___ (rare) TOGET
Harry who does many voices on "The Simpsons" SHEARER
High schooler TEEN
Hiking cue, often ONONE
Implore URGE
Impulsiveness HASTE
In need of a massage TENSE
In the past AGO
It shines on Mejico ELSOL
It's on the house ROOF
Kimono closer OBI
Knight's title SIR
Lab work TESTS
Ladies, first GIRLS
Last Oldsmobile model ALERO
Like turnip fields ROOTY
Loaf end HEEL
Louis XIV, par exemple ROI
Mac's intro TAR
Medicinal herb ALOE
Meditation techniques YOGAS
Meso finish ZOIC
Monorail relatives ELS
Most cunning CAGIEST
Mugful for Muggeridge ALE
Newbies TYROS
One on a quest SEEKER
One way to turn? RED
Org. under FDR NRA
Other than this ELSE
Part of sonar: abbr. NAV
Pitcher Jamie MOYER
Pitching error BALK
Play the uke STRUM
Plaza waif et al. ELOISES
Polite refusal NOMAAM
Popular ocean liner name EMPRESS
Potpie morsels PEAS
Punch actor George? BELTSANDERS
Q: "How did you know I was a tea connoisseur?" A: "___" BYYOURLEAVES
Raison d'___ ETRE
Ready to face UPFOR
Really bother EATAT
Recedes, as the tide EBBS
Republicans THEGOP
Reset setting OOO
Rhyme scheme ABAB
Roasting platform? DAIS
Room on the block? CELL
School near PHX ASU
Seed covering ARIL
Shorten a sentence? EDIT
Skillful ADROIT
Slugger Slaughter ENOS
Smooths, in a way SANDS
Some merinos EWES
Some noncoms SGTS
Spanish painter GOYA
Speedwagon maker REO
Start to smoke LIGHTUP
Suggestion IDEA
Swiss river AAR
T-shirt material COTTON
Take a chance GOFORIT
Tearful SAD
Terre Haute sch. ISU
The real thing at southern diners? TRUEGRITS
Tool with many uses? MULTIPLIERS
TV diner MELS
Type of spy MOLE
University square QUAD
Vietnam's ___ Dinh Diem NGO
Walk in a showy way SASHAY
Wapiti ELK
What Dad the fisherman is tired of getting every Christmas? THEPELICANBRIEFS
What the preacher's kid likes to play? JACKSINTHEPULPIT
Whence rock 'n' roll came? OUTOFTHEBLUES
Where Yazd is IRAN
Wild goat IBEX
Wins at cards, perhaps GINS
Wolf describer LONE
Word before go or "go!" LETS
Workshop squeezer VISE
World finance org. IMF
___ in the dark ASHOT
___ pink INTHE
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