How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Magazine Apr 01 2007

"God ___ refuge" (Psalm 46) ISOUR
"I ___ my wit's end" AMAT
"I'd walk ___ ..." AMILE
"The Little Giant" OTT
"Yikes!" OHNO
"___ said was ..." ALLI
1960s atty. gen. RFK
Absorb completely SOAKIN
Actress Sandra DEE
Actress Susan DEY
Advanced degree? NTH
Aggravate RILE
Angry with MADAT
Approves OKS
Article written by Marx? DAS
Artist Magritte RENE
Astronomer Brahe TYCHO
Back of the book? SPINE
Bank deposit? SILT
Barracks VIP NCO
Bartlett's abbr. ANON
Battle of Britain grp. RAF
Bit of hijinks ANTIC
Bit of wit PUN
Boutique SHOP
Brainstorm IDEA
Brasserie list CARTE
Brings close, in a way ENDEARS
Bucket of bolts JALOPY
Buntline et al. NEDS
Call for help SOS
Capacitance unit FARAD
Cartoon skunk PEPE
Ceremony RITE
Clan symbol TOTEM
Committer of a crime, and a rat to boot? PERPETRAITOR
Common French verb ETRE
Connected, in a way INTOUCH
Cornfield cry CAW
Cruiser occupant COP
Danseur's step PAS
Declines WANES
Deferential OBEISANT
Dick Van Dyke Show role, Buddy ___ SORRELL
Did nothing, perhaps SATBY
Dig this ORE
Diving duck SCOTER
Do lacework TAT
Dutch artist Jan STEEN
Duty-free UNTAXED
Eagle Peak Merlot maker FETZER
Engraver Dürer ALBRECHT
Erstwhile teen drama on Fox THEOC
Expiration-date order USEBY
Expressionless STONY
Fan of nuclear reactions? AFISSIONADO
Finished first WON
Floored AMAZED
Fountain choice PEPSI
Full impact of a kick? TOETALITY
Game official SCORER
Geezer COOT
Government in which the people only think they rule? DEMOCKRACY
Greet a villain HISS
Gulf States resident ARAB
Hey, the quiet way PSST
Hidden mike WIRE
Horned grazer RHINO
How mathematicians drink their beers? SEQUENCHALLY
Illegal for sailing? VERBOATEN
Inconsistent SPOTTY
Iridescent gem OPAL
It's after you? ARE
Jump on, as a train HOP
King, to Juan REY
Lenin follower? IST
Less colorful PALER
Like some paradises TROPICAL
Lineup member SUSPECT
Mason's field LAW
Method WAY
Mouths off to SASSES
Mr. Smith who went to Wash., e.g. SEN
Nail's partner TOOTH
Newcastle's river TYNE
Obsessed with buttons? FASTENATED
Off the mark WIDE
Oft-dunked sweet OREO
Ointment applicator SWAB
Part of 102 Across NON
Part of a suit COAT
Pass along, as a story RETELL
Pass, as time ELAPSE
Pat down SEARCH
Pear look-alikes QUINCES
Pear variety BOSC
Pekoe packet TEABAG
Persona non ___ GRATA
Peru is pt. of it OAS
Pizazz BRIO
Pizza spice OREGANO
Plains native OTOE
Process of becoming a better boxer? MATCHURATION
Psychologist who wrote Walden Two SKINNER
Rd. with a no. RTE
Reagan era prog. SDI
Receded EBBED
Research org. co-founded by Liz Taylor AMFAR
Responsibility ONUS
Ring-shaped ANNULAR
Set up a tent ENCAMP
Singing group GLEECLUB
Sister of Zsa Zsa MAGDA
Sitarist's first name RAVI
Skeleton intro EXO
Soft ball brand NERF
Some dates, to Madonna BOYTOYS
Sony rival HITACHI
Sound gravelly RASP
Speedway event RACE
Start the game, perhaps SERVE
Start to form? UNI
Stock holder? PEN
Student carrier BUS
Subdivision of a subdivision ACRE
The "good" cholesterol HDL
The Ghostbusters' license plate, ___ 1 ECTO
Toon collectible CEL
Trim articles EDIT
Uris novel THEHAJ
Used soap pads SCOURED
Utilizes DRAWSON
Violin holder? CHIN
Wails from the crypt? CACOFFINY
Water sprites NAIADS
Watergate conspirator LIDDY
West Pointer CADET
Working together for the common bad? SINNERGISTIC
Wrigley Field flora IVY
___ bag (prepare for a trip) PACKA
___ d'art OBJET
___ d'honneur (duel) AFFAIRE
___ Nabisco RJR
___-cone SNO
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