How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 25 2006

'Get it?' SEE
'Nope' NAH
'Once upon a midnight dreary' writer POE
'Put ___ Happy Face' ONA
All's opposite NONE
Aptitude TALENT
Architect I. M. ___ PEI
Aromatherapy liquid LAVENDEROIL
Austrian peak ALP
Avg., sizewise REG
Back of a boat STERN
Baked entree with a crust POTPIE
Becomes a parent not by childbirth ADOPTS
Between ports ASEA
Building add-on ELL
Cereal named for two ingredients it doesn't have GRAPENUTS
Controlled the mike EMCEED
Cowboy boot part SPUR
Ditty TUNE
Downwind, on a ship ALEE
E pluribus ___ UNUM
Emergency PC key ESC
End of the Greek alphabet OMEGA
Fenders, taillights, etc. AUTOPARTS
Floaters in northern seas BERGS
Followed the leader OBEYED
Gary Cooper film of 1928 LILACTIME
Get hitched hastily ELOPE
Jacuzzi HOTTUB
Jacuzzis SPAS
Kitt who played Catwoman on 'Batman' EARTHA
Lifeless DEAD
Light refractor PRISM
Maxima maker NISSAN
Nest item EGG
No. on a baseball card STAT
Norma ___, Sally Field role RAE
Numbskull MORON
On the wrong course ERRANT
Org. offering creature comforts? SPCA
Overwrought writing PURPLEPROSE
Paleolithic hammer or ax STONETOOL
Permit LET
Pizazz ELAN
President's foreign policy grp. NSC
Realtor's aim SALE
Rebuffs rudely SNUBS
Removes, as a knot UNTIES
Robust HARDY
Said 'I do' together WED
Seizes (from) WRESTS
Semester TERM
Sent by bank transfer WIRED
Shady giants ELMS
Skinny THIN
Slangy assent YEP
Small bed COT
Sporting sword EPEE
SSW's reverse NNE
Swelling reducer ICE
Swim competitions MEETS
The 'I' in T.G.I.F. ITS
Tiny pond plants ALGAE
Train stop DEPOT
Trudge PLOD
Turn red, as an apple RIPEN
Turns back to zero RESETS
Twisty turn ESS
Upside-down sleepers BATS
Variety show REVUE
Veneration AWE
Vigilant ALERT
Where a telescope is aimed SKY
Whinny NEIGH
Word repeated before 'black sheep, have you any wool?' BAA
___ of Cleves, English queen ANNE
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