How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 14 1998

'Pooh!' PSHAW
'___ do you do?' HOW
2001, e.g. YEAR
Accused's excuse ALIBI
Actor Delon ALAIN
Algerian port of 600,000 ORAN
Assumed name ALIAS
Barbecue entree RIBS
Battles WARS
Bears witness (to) ATTESTS
Borrow's opposite LEND
Brainbusting HARD
Buffalo's N.H.L. team SABRES
Burn balm ALOE
Chicago nine CUBS
Comedian Richard PRYOR
Community spirit ETHOS
Country west of Togo GHANA
Dalai Lama's land TIBET
Dewrinkle IRON
Diarist Frank ANNE
District AREA
Down under toy BOOMERANG
Droopy-eyed SLEEPY
Elbow-wrist connection ULNA
Engine need OIL
Express gratitude to THANK
Finalize, with 'up' SEW
Florida city OCALA
Flying saucer flier ALIEN
Funnyman Youngman HENNY
Haphazardly SLAPDASH
Has hopes ASPIRES
Kind of tax SIN
Lively card game UNO
Madras dress SARI
Make the rounds in a police car PATROL
Makes bales of alfalfa HAYS
Matures RIPENS
Meddle SNOOP
Mixed bag OLIO
Molson's and Coors, e.g. BEERS
Money in a wallet CASH
Mountaintop home AERIE
New York's ___ Canal ERIE
Nights before EVES
Oust from authority DETHRONE
Par ___ (airmail label) AVION
Part of a flight STAIR
Place for a fisherman PIER
Place for a plane SKY
Place to break a bronco CORRAL
Playbill listing CAST
Prefix with cycle TRI
Rolling stones lack it MOSS
Roman robe TOGA
Russian plain, with 'the' STEPPES
Russo of 'Ransom,' 1996 RENE
Sea swallows TERNS
Sign of healing SCAB
Singing insect GRASSHOPPER
Skinned PARED
Soda-can opener POPTOP
Spending limit CAP
Spoon-playing site KNEE
The 'white' of 'White Christmas' SNOW
Tool belt item SCREWDRIVER
Unseal OPEN
Upgrade from a tropical storm HURRICANE
Wane EBB
Western omelet ingredient HAM
What each of the four long answers in this puzzle is DRINK
Wild Asian dog DHOLE
Zillions ALOT
___ and kicking ALIVE
___ diem (seize the day): Lat. CARPE
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