How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Sep 09 2007

'East of Eden' twin ARON
'Holy moly!' EGAD
'Home Alone' actor Joe PESCI
'Hurry up!' SHAKEALEG
'Marie Antoinette' star, 2006 DUNST
'Note to ___ ...' SELF
'Sketches by ___,' 1836 BOZ
'Sophie's Choice' narrator STINGO
'The Princess Bride' character ___ Montoya INIGO
*'It's true, like it or not' IFTHESHOEFITS
*1999 romantic comedy based on 'Pygmalion' SHESALLTHAT
*British motorist's right? DRIVERSSIDE
*Follow-up to a potential insult NOOFFENSE
*Forbidding countenance HATCHETFACE
*It's taken by doctors HIPPOCRATICOATH
*Lacking compassion HARDHEARTED
*One who gets beaten badly? SORELOSER
*Sticks in the medicine cabinet? ANTIPERSPIRANTS
1960s-'70s Saudi king FAISAL
1970s-'90s senator Sam NUNN
About to explode, maybe IRATE
Acquire by unsavory means EXTORT
All over again ANEW
Bank roll WAD
Baseball star Maglie SAL
Battle of Britain grp. RAF
Belgian painter James, known for bizarre fantasies with masks ENSOR
Bit of info DATUM
Blockhead STUPE
Blue expanse SEA
Botheration ADO
Brings in EARNS
Bug-repelling wood CEDAR
Casual greeting HEY
Computer whiz TECHIE
Crow's-nest sighting LAND
Crusty piece of bread HEEL
Dantean division CANTO
Disgraced one's name? MUD
Dodge pickup RAM
Doughnut shop qty. DOZ
Down in the dumps MOPISH
Electromagnet component COIL
Enter into a plot? ENTOMB
Expert, in England DABHAND
Eyeball ORB
Ferrer of 'Lili' MEL
Former coeds, maybe ALUMNAE
Former N.F.L. QB Rodney PEETE
Fuzzy crawler TARANTULA
Gamblers' setbacks LOSSES
Game site ARENA
Go further than ONEUP
Go steady with SEE
Greenish-blue AQUA
Gull relative TERN
Half of a cartoon duo REN
Hammett's canine creation ASTA
Hatcher of 'Lois & Clark' TERI
Head of England LOO
High school jrs. take it PSAT
High-quality DELUXE
Holmes who married Tom Cruise KATIE
Horse genus EQUUS
Howe who was known as Mr. Hockey GORDIE
Hub-to-rim lines RADII
In motion ASTIR
In need of help HIRING
Increase ADDTO
Indoor settler DUST
Intl. commercial agreement first signed in 1947 GATT
Inundating DELUGING
iPod variety NANO
Items checked at an opera house checkroom STOLES
Jazz singer Laine CLEO
Jill's portrayer in 'Charlie's Angels' FARRAH
Key above Caps Lock TAB
Late Jordanian king HUSSEIN
Leg up BOOST
Letter-writing aid STENCIL
Like noble gases INERT
Like vinaigrette TART
Loop circlers ELS
Losing ground ERODING
Made of paste IMITATION
Man in a sombrero SENOR
Memory unit, for short MEG
Minnesota's St. ___ College OLAF
Minority member in India PARSEE
Moderated, with 'down' TONED
Mood lifter PROZAC
Mountain West conference team UTES
Near East hotel SERAI
Not as stringent LAXER
Org. overseeing decency standards FCC
Overseas title SRI
Paradisiacal EDENIC
Part of I.M.F.: Abbr. INTL
People who haven't a chance, in Britspeak NOHOPERS
Pizza order PIE
Poker holding PAIR
Position the cross hairs (on) ZEROIN
Practices for a bout SPARS
Proof closer QED
Put the touch on HITUP
Recharge one's batteries REST
Red Scare grp. HUAC
Reference books? READ
Render difficult to find STASH
Roe source SHAD
Site fortified by Herod the Great MASADA
Some R.S.V.P.'s YESES
Song that Elvis's 'It's Now or Never' was based on OSOLEMIO
Sonogram, e.g. SCAN
Stayed in front LED
Stops flowing CLOTS
Studied on the side MINOREDIN
Talk follower QANDA
The Big Aristotle, in the N.B.A. ONEAL
The Process of Elimination: In the answer to each starred clue, cross out any letter that appears ___; then read the letters that remain TWICE
Their priority is number one EGOTISTS
They have guests INNS
Tire swing supporter LIMB
Tooth holder GUM
Twinge SPASM
Typewriter brand ROYAL
Unable to sit still ANTSY
Underlying patterns SCHEMATA
Vehement FERVID
Volcanic output ASH
Wade at Cooperstown BOGGS
Waugh's 'Sword of ___' trilogy HONOUR
Way to go: Abbr. RTE
Works magic on HEXES
Worst-case scenario DISASTER
You'll find it under a tree SHADE
___ up (get dressed) TOG
___-European INDO
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