How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 30 2017

'Huh, fancy that!' GEE
'Hyperion' poet John KEATS
'I'll second that!' HEARHEAR
'I'll second that!' AMEN
'Like ___' (remark dismissing concern) ICARE
'Look how great I did!' TADA
'Much ___ About Nothing' ADO
'My bad!' OOPS
'The Ghost and Mrs. ___' (1947 movie) MUIR
Aches and ___ PAINS
Actor Maximilian SCHELL
Analyze grammatically PARSE
Bill worth 100 smackers CSPOT
Burden of proof ONUS
Canines DOGS
Centerpiece of a beer bash KEG
Chickens for roasting CAPONS
Chooses (to) OPTS
Clock sound at 6 a.m., maybe ALARM
Computer help for a witch? SPELLCHECK
Construction on the coast of Holland DIKE
Dirt clump CLOD
Dublin's land EIRE
Ear bone INCUS
Educational institution for witches? CHARMSCHOOL
Engrossed RAPT
Feudal lord LIEGE
Fish that's a source of caviar STURGEON
French film CINE
German sausages WURSTS
Gradually withdraw, as from the bottle WEAN
Grains used in Cheerios OATS
Hankerings YENS
Hockey feints DEKES
Honda luxury brand ACURA
Hotter ___ hell THAN
How one might be forced to accept a witch? WARTSANDALL
Immigrant's subj ESL
Impudent PERT
In the thick of AMIDST
Japanese warrior SAMURAI
July 4, for the United States BIRTHDAY
Kind of badge for a boy scout MERIT
La ___ Tar Pits BREA
Lacking rainfall ARID
Language of Pakistan URDU
Like a haunted house EERIE
Like Michael Myers of 'Halloween' EVIL
Line down a pant leg INSEAM
Lit ___ (coll. course) CRIT
Marx who co-wrote 'The Communist Manifesto' KARL
Moans and groans, e.g CRIES
Ones patient with patients NURSES
Possess HAVE
Prefix with legal or trooper PARA
Rearrange, as text EDIT
Sci-fi movie that's inspired many a Halloween costume STARWARS
Seminary subj REL
Seriously overweight OBESE
Similar (to) AKIN
Smooth transition from one topic to the next SEGUE
Start of a play ACTI
Stir-fry vessel WOK
Super tennis servers ACERS
Takes too much, briefly ODS
Target for a disinfectant wipe GERM
Tempo PACE
Things called in roll call NAMES
Tried to steal second, maybe SLID
U.K. award OBE
Utterances from witches? CURSEWORDS
Vanzetti's partner in 1920s crime SACCO
Wearing only a bottom TOPLESS
Wines like Beaujolais and Chianti REDS
Witches HAGS
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