How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 18 2015

'All I ___ Do' (Sheryl Crow hit) WANNA
'Catch-22' pilot ORR
'Got it!' AHA
'Home, ___' JAMES
'L'Amore dei ___ Re' (Montemezzi opera) TRE
'Lake Wobegon Days' writer KEILLOR
'Oh no!' EEK
'Rhyme Pays' rapper ICET
'Smack!' POW
'They got me!' IWASHAD
'Uh-uh' NAH
'What we want most, but what, alas! we use worst,' per William Penn TIME
A dozen for Hercules LABORS
A title might be presented in it: Abbr ITAL
Actress O'Connor of 'Xena: Warrior Princess' RENEE
Admission of a lack of familiarity with Mr. Hockey? IDONTKNOWHOWE
Ancient Persian MEDE
Artist Neiman LEROY
Assign blame to the singer of 'Blurred Lines'? LAYITONTHICKE
Beach fronts? BRAS
Being dragged along INTOW
Brand name whose middle two letters are linked in its logo KOOL
Brazilian berry ACAI
Business feature? SILENTI
Buy into 'Common Sense'? BACKPAINE
Cameo stone ONYX
Celebrity cook Paula DEEN
Challenge for a virologist EBOLA
Chess's ___ ratings ELO
Classify ASSORT
Come in under the radar, say FLYLOW
Come-___ ONS
Comic's copy of 'The Importance of Being Earnest'? JOKERSWILDE
Comprehension KEN
Confound STYMIE
Curse (out) REAM
Dead-end position MCJOB
Deplete DRAIN
Disperse SOW
Don Juan's mother INEZ
Explosive side of a former tennis great? VOLCANICASHE
Farfalle shapes BOWTIES
Farrow or Hamm MIA
Fidgety ONEDGE
First year in Constantine's reign CCCVI
Fits comfortably NESTLES
Flaky stuff MICA
Former kingdom of Provence ARLES
France's ___ Polytechnique ECOLE
Fruitcakes NUTCASES
Fusses STEWS
Great Lakes' ___ Canals SOO
Hankering YEN
Hardly fancy HATE
Home of Future World EPCOT
Home of Jar Jar Binks in 'Star Wars' films NABOO
Hundred Acre Wood resident ROO
Japanese drama NOH
John Lennon's middle name ONO
Jupiter's locale: Abbr FLA
Kyoto concurrence HAI
Less serious works by the author of 'Brighton Rock'? LIGHTGREENE
Levels TIERS
Libation with a floral bouquet ROSETEA
Like sailors' talk SALTY
Like some port vessels OAKEN
Like Vatican guards SWISS
Llama's kin ALPACA
Low part BASSO
Make sense of PROCESS
Makes fast SECURES
Maybe not even that IFATALL
Midshipman's counterpart CADET
Midwesterners, stereotypically NICEPEOPLE
Military muckety-mucks BRASS
Modern TV feature DVR
Modern-day home of the ancient Ashanti empire GHANA
Mother of Ares HERA
N.Y.C. line IRT
Net worth component ASSET
Nonkosher lunch order BLT
Noted second-place finisher HARE
Nutrition-related TROPHIC
One making a roaring start? MGMLION
Onetime title for Obama and Clinton SENATOR
Only one person can do it SOLO
Plowmen's cries HAWS
Poisonous snake KRAIT
Post office? NEWSROOM
Preceded, with 'to' LEDUP
Pressing work IRONING
Producer of wrinkles, it's said WORRY
Questioning interjections EHS
Questions ASKS
Radio freq KHZ
Raise, with 'up' JACK
Reason for Brosnan fans to watch 1980s TV? BUNSOFSTEELE
Relaxes and has some fun LETSLOOSE
Residence ABODE
Resident of southern Mexico OAXACAN
Riled (up) HET
Ripsnorter LULU
Rockies game ELK
Rocky debris SCREE
Roman law LEX
Round house? BAR
Rum mixers COLAS
Saturn's largest moon TITAN
Silk case COCOON
Singers do this SEW
Single copy of 'The Bonfire of the Vanities'? LONEWOLFE
Slenderizes SLIMS
Soil: Prefix AGRO
Some briefs BVDS
Some sites on the National Mall MEMORIALS
Some Thanksgiving decorations COBS
Sophocles tragedy ELECTRA
Spain's Costa del ___ SOL
Sue Grafton's '___ for Innocent' IIS
Supreme Court justice who once compared the majority's reasoning to 'the mystical aphorisms of the fortune cookie' SCALIA
Take responsibility for OWN
Tavern vessels STEINS
Topsiders? SHINGLES
Trying to sell one's 'Au Revoir les Enfants' video? SHOPPINGMALLE
TV's ___ Network (sports presenter) NFL
Upbeat ROSY
Where Quiznos and Mapquest are headquartered DENVER
Where safety goggles may be worn LAB
Words of defiance SHOVEIT
Writing award won multiple times by Alice Munro OHENRY
___ Fein SINN
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