How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 12 2012

'Felicity' star Russell KERI
'Fiddle-faddle!' PSHAW
'Here ___, there ...' AMOO
'___, you noblest English': Shak ONON
1969 Peace Prize grp ILO
6-Down locale ARM
Angel dust PCP
Arrived by plane FLEWIN
Bart Simpson's middle name JOJO
Basic solutions LYES
Before UNTIL
Before one's big opening? PREOP
Behaves like a puppy dog, say ISEAGERTOPLEASE
Beyond elated DELIRIOUS
Bird that lays a one-pound egg KIWI
Caseworker's compilation PERSONALHISTORY
Cheery cashier in Progressive ads FLO
Clichéd TIRED
Clobber WHUP
Combination of rings? ONETWO
Concave kitchenware WOKS
D-day divider? ASIN
El Paraguay, e.g RIO
Follow, as a leader TAKEONESCUEFROM
Formal defenses APOLOGIAS
Frère's sibling SOEUR
Galley order STET
Gazetteer abbr ISL
Gum ball WAD
Hoosier humorist George ADE
Household helper AUPAIR
Huge snagger of salmon KODIAKBROWNBEAR
Imposing a general liability, legally INREM
Interior decorator's concern HUE
It's bent on a bender ELBOW
Jewelry purchase PAIROFEARRINGS
Kerfuffle HOOHA
Lakeside rental JETSKI
Leader of the pack ALPHA
Let flow UNDAM
Low tie ONEALL
Made hot? STOLE
Mirthful JOVIAL
Morning ritual, for many SHAVE
O'Neill whom J. D. Salinger wanted to marry OONA
Old arena draw? SWORD
On the dot SHARP
Order to get moving ASAP
Organization's opposite CHAOS
Part of a C.S.A. signature ELEE
Pro follower RATA
Pulverized perfumery item ORRISROOT
Quaint worker doing a hansom job? CARRIAGEPAINTER
Roman land TERRA
Run out OUST
Setting of a Barry Manilow hit COPA
Simple MERE
Slangy hello SUP
Sleep sites INNS
Stone picture JFK
Sugar suffixes OSES
Sweater letter RHO
They might be nervous TICS
Wine list section REDS
Winter warmer LONGJOHNS
___ jure IPSO
___ per second (luminosity unit) ERGS
___ Velho, Brazil PORTO
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