How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 06 2003

'Days of ___ Lives' OUR
'It's on me!' MYTREAT
Again and then once again THRICE
Almost any doo-wop song, e.g. OLDIE
Almost perfect rating NINE
Banks have them on property LIENS
Beer barrel KEG
Between ports ASEA
Bit of whatnot KNICKKNACK
Blubber FAT
Calcutta's home INDIA
Certain dive JACKKNIFE
Certain ranch name ... or this puzzle's theme DOUBLEK
Chicago locale, with 'the' LOOP
Chills and fever AGUE
Cockeyed ASKEW
Commies REDS
Complete collections SETS
Confronts boldly ACCOSTS
Cut into INCISE
Drug agent NARC
Easily managed DOCILE
Expire LAPSE
Explosive devices MINES
Final notice OBIT
Follow orders OBEY
Friends and neighbors KITH
Gambler's marker IOU
Gulf war missile SCUD
Hawaiian island LANAI
Heredity-related GENETIC
In ___ (together) SYNC
In ___ straits DIRE
Indiana basketballer PACER
Inert gas ARGON
Israeli airline ELAL
Jessica of 'Dark Angel' ALBA
Killer whale ORCA
Knight, dame, etc. TITLES
Leisurely walk STROLL
Like much hip-hop lingo SLANG
Mideast V.I.P. EMEER
Moo ___ gai pan GOO
Musical finale CODA
Nap in Oaxaca SIESTA
Neap, e.g. TIDE
Novelist Deighton LEN
Old Egyptian crosses ANKHS
One of Gen. Lee's men REB
Oven for making building blocks BRICKKILN
Partially open AJAR
Pastrami purveyor DELI
Pea holders PODS
Pickling liquid BRINE
Places for experiments LABS
Poison in classic mysteries ARSENIC
Popular food wrap SARAN
Prepared to be knighted KNELT
Pulitzer Prize category DRAMA
Related AKIN
Relative of a sea gull TERN
Run ___ (go wild) AMOK
Singer Adams EDIE
Sitcom diner MELS
Snake charmer's snake COBRA
Soundness of mind SANITY
Squeezes (out) EKES
Subtraction from a bank account DEBIT
Surrounding glow AURA
University of New Mexico athletes LOBOS
Variety ILK
Vietnam's capital HANOI
Where the X-axis meets the Y-axis ORIGIN
Without juice, as an electrical wire DEAD
Worker with a ledger BOOKKEEPER
___ fun at (ridicule) POKE
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