How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 05 2008

'Ally McBeal' co-star Lucy LIU
'Git!' SCAT
'Heavens to Betsy!' MERCYME
'Is that ___?' ANO
'Killer' program APP
'Pass the Courvoisier' rapper BUSTARHYMES
'Pipe down!' STOPYELLING
'Rama Lama Ding Dong' singers, with 'the' EDSELS
'Swept Away' director Guy RITCHIE
'Ville d'Avray' painter COROT
'___ homo' ECCE
*1968 firm featuring a murderous cheerleader PRETTYPOISON
*Bad drivers back them up PENALTYPOINTS
*Common Guernsey bull TWENTYPOUNDNOTE
*Get blankets PARTYPOOPERS
*Novice in an ad campaign PUBLICITYPOSTER
*Onetime regal status of Shanghai or Canton TREATYPORT
*Urban farce CITYPOLICE
*What theaters play DIRTYPOOL
*Where stars can be seen fluffing and folding CELEBRITYPOKER
1 to 10, say RANGE
1977 flick with the tagline 'Terror just beneath the surface' ORCA
2000 Jennifer Lopez thriller THECELL
Absorb, in a way SOPUP
Alaska senator Murkowski LISA
Apothecary container VIAL
Apple cores?: Abbr. CPUS
Available ONTAP
Badge awarder: Abbr. BSA
Broke out ESCAPED
Bygone P.M. with a palindromic name UNU
Cabernets, e.g. REDS
Certified ATTESTED
Chihuahua change PESOS
Chilling: Var. SCAREY
Clinton's first labor secretary REICH
Columbia athlete LION
Complete, as a Senate term SERVEOUT
Composer Charles IVES
Computer information path DATAFLOW
Designer Pucci EMILIO
Destination for Mary and Joseph INN
Drug company once headed by Donald Rumsfeld SEARLE
Escarpment CRAG
Events gone by PAST
Filch COP
Fixed motor parts STATORS
Flower parts PISTILS
Forerunner of the K.G.B. OGPU
From square one ANEW
Gallic toppers BERETS
Gerald's predecessor SPIRO
German wine made from the late harvest SPATLESE
Getaway locale ISLE
Godliness PIETY
Goes on 'Wheel of Fortune'? SPINS
Gourmand EATER
Great Trek trekker BOER
Hair line? PART
Hanging over many a mantel PORTRAIT
Hiccup SNAG
Home of the Cadillac Ranch AMARILLO
How the Great Sphinx looks DUEEAST
Hwys. RDS
Invited BADE
Jacket material? BLURB
Kensington kiss SNOG
Key shade EBONY
Kind of examiner 56-Across was PATENT
Less welcoming ICIER
Lid attachment LASH
Like xenon INERT
Little foxes KITS
Little yelps OWS
Look lasciviously LEER
Lower part of a duet SECONDO
Make ready for the dishwasher PRERINSE
Mangle by mastication CHEWUP
Mardi Gras follower LENT
Mexican waterways RIOS
Mole, e.g. PEST
Monkey predator OCELOT
N.L. Central team: Abbr. STL
New newts EFTS
Old car with the slogan 'We are driven' DATSUN
On easy street INCLOVER
One of Luther's 95 THESIS
Ones being tested BETAS
Ones who are always starting something? PYROS
Part of FEMA: Abbr. EMER
Perfunctory PROFORMA
Pizzeria chain, familiarly UNOS
Places to develop UTERI
Playground quarry HIDER
Precision ACCURACY
Presides over as a judge HEARS
Pub order PINT
Pulitzer-winning journalist Seymour HERSH
Rap sheet listing PRIOR
Region including Texarkana RICEBELT
Roget offerings: Abbr. SYNS
Roy Rogers sidekick Devine ANDY
Russian diet? DUMA
Seafood dishes PAELLAS
See 47-Down EINSTEIN
Serve well BEHOOVE
Shift, in volleyball ROTATE
Shore birds ERNS
Short jackets for boys ETONS
Short jackets for women BOLEROS
Showcase item TROPHY
Showing concern? CINEMA
Ski runs, e.g. TRAILS
Skye of 'Say Anything ...' IONE
Small birds, in British lingo TOMTITS
Snail variety whose name means 'small gray' PETITGRIS
Snaps back? HIKES
Socrates or Pythagoras, e.g. ANCIENT
Some shapes in topology TORI
Spinner for the Spinners HIFI
Sport for rikishi SUMO
Staff members: Abbr. ASSTS
Stainless steel, for one IRONALLOY
Start of a counting rhyme EENIE
Strongly green VIRID
Studio supporter EASEL
Sunroof and spoilers, e.g. OPTIONS
Swells up BLOATS
Takeout option CHINESE
Takes for granted PRESUMES
Terse order DOIT
The fifth element BORON
They're no good ILLS
Thomas Gray and others ELEGISTS
Verdant stretches LEAS
Vintage autos REOS
Weekly with 30+ million circulation PARADE
West Flanders site of three W.W. I battles YPRES
What 'matar' means on an Indian menu PEAS
What each starred clue — and its answer — contains TYPO
Whopper topper KETCHUP
Wilson of 'The Darjeeling Limited' OWEN
Word with aunt or voyage MAIDEN
___ Beach, Fla. VERO
___ ear INNER
___ instincts ANIMAL
___ the board ACROSS
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