How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Oct 05 1997

'...this sceptred ___': 'Richard II' ISLE
'East of Eden' co-star MASSEY
'Hamlet' locale ELSINORE
'My People' author EBAN
'Peyton Place' actor ONEAL
'___ at 'em!' LEMME
'___ Good Times Really Over' (1982 country hit) ARETHE
60's chess champ TAL
Absorbs, with 'up' SOPS
Actress Young and others SEANS
Big name in batteries EVEREADY
Blue ___ NILE
Boast CROW
Boxer Willard JESS
Brand name at picnics HEINZ
Bummer DRAG
Bygone era THEN
Carol NOEL
Caviar ROE
Center of Anytown, U.S.A. MAINST
Champ of 10/30/74 ALI
Charlotte-to-Raleigh dir. ENE
Classic action figures GIJOES
Clippers SHEARS
Colleague of Farrar and Maleska WENG
Convention activity CAUCUS
Copier button RESET
Cousin of a loon GREBE
Curing, in a way AGING
Custard FLAN
Debenture, basically IOU
Decimate, with 'down' MOW
Dutch royal house ORANGE
Emperor after Vespasian TITUS
Enclosed part of a blimp NACELLE
Exceed OUTDO
Famed railsplitter ABE
Film director ___ Lee ANG
First name in horror BELA
First TV series to show a baby being born, 1955 MEDIC
Free (of) RID
Freight CARGO
Garlic segment CLOVE
Golfer Juli INKSTER
Golly GEE
Good will, e.g. ASSET
Goof ERR
Gypsy, traditionally NOMAD
Harshest sentence MAXIMUM
Hearty cheer OLE
Height: Prefix ACRO
Hex, of a sort POX
Honored FETED
Hubris source EGO
Impugns SLAMS
Insipid JEJUNE
It's missing in manana TILDE
Johnson of 'Laugh-In' ARTE
Killer whale ORCA
Kind of skate INLINE
Know-how ART
Let in ADMIT
Like certain elections MAYORAL
Lit ___ (college course) CRIT
London gallery TATE
Many mos. YRS
Meat stamp USDA
Mideast capital TEHRAN
More cunning WILIER
Movement TREND
Murmur COO
New Mexico resort TAOS
Nickname AGNOMEN
Nor. neighbor SWE
Noted Virginia family LEES
Obeisance SALAAM
Object with three round projections TRILOBE
One smeared in England LIBELLEE
Open tract LEA
Overly smooth PAT
Parrot's word HELLO
Pathetic LAME
Plastic ___ Band ONO
Practitioners' suffix ISTS
Printemps follower ETE
Rabbit or Fox preceder BRER
Race official TIMER
Region of 101-Down ABRUZZI
Romanian coin LEU
Roosevelt quartet FREEDOMS
Rundown SEEDY
Scheduled DUE
Shade of green PEA
Shadow companion LINER
Site of Joan of Arc's demise ROUEN
Skating jump SALCHOW
Slow-moving LAZY
Sought lampreys EELED
Spooky EERIE
State tree of Missouri DOGWOOD
Supercharger TURBO
Superlarge drink TRIPLE
Swampy tract EVERGLADE
Switchblade SHIV
Tae ___ do KWON
Tennis's Nastase ILIE
The latest NEWS
Throat projection UVULA
Top-flight AONE
Transcript TEXT
Travel aid ATLAS
Turkish title AGHA
Upper, in Saxony OBER
Uris hero ARI
Vegetable container POD
Waxy bloomer BEGONIA
Western Athletic Conference team UTES
What an apostrophe may signal ELISION
Where Firenze is ITALIA
Where the Paran√° River is: Abbr. ARG
Without a date STAG
Words before clear or way INTHE
___ and Thummin (Judaic objects) URIM
___-European INDO
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