How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 25 2018

'Any ___?' idea
'Casey at the Bat' poet Ernest thayer
'Hematite, magnetite -- take your pick'? eitherore
'I'm f-f-freezing!' brr
'The Hallucinogenic Toreador' painter dali
'The Hurt Locker' menace, briefly ied
'The Zoo Story' playwright albee
'To quote myself ...' asisay
'Yes for me' ido
'___ complicated' its
'___ Grace' (title of address) her
1994 tripartite treaty nafta
Actress Belafonte shari
Actress Long nia
Aids for determining pregnancy, e.g testkits
Antarctic penguin adelie
Apartment building V.I.P supe
Area near the shore shallows
Area near the shore shelf
As long as one can remember ages
Astronauts' wear gsuits
Atlas or Titan, for short icbm
Avenging spirits in Greek myth furies
Bad thing to hit with a hammer thumb
Baja California city ensenada
Barely make (out) eke
Bert of 'The Wizard of Oz' lahr
Bête noire bane
Big female role on HBO's 'Westworld' elsie
Bit of ink tat
Blues legend Waters ethel
Brit. legislators mps
Came down alit
Capital of Albania tirane
Capitals' org nhl
Club known for 66-Down friars
Coined money specie
Conductor maestro
Country on the Arctic Circle: Abbr nor
De bene ___ (legal phrase) esse
Dollar signs without the bars esses
Dropping the baton in a relay race, e.g.? runninglapse
Energy secretary Chu under Obama steven
Enterprise starter uss
European stratovolcano etna
Extended diatribe tirade
Fastener with a flange tnut
Fellini's 'La ___' strada
First leg of an itinerary atob
First-generation Japanese-American issei
Following close behind atheel
Forcibly oppose battle
Formal defense apologia
Full of subtlety nuanced
Get an F in physics? misspell
Half of a cartoon duo ren
Heading in the right direction? east
Hopper hare
Houdini feat escape
Human Rights Campaign inits lgbt
In the style of ala
In those days then
Inducing forgetfulness lethean
It's just below 0: Abbr oper
Join wed
Late Queen of Soul aretha
Lawn tools edgers
Like Tara, several times in 'Gone With the Wind'? savedbythebelle
Line that ended with Nicholas II tsars
Line through one's teeth? floss
Longtime athlete on the U.S. Davis Cup team ashe
Los Angeles neighborhood next to Beverly Grove labrea
Make official? swearin
Medieval poets bards
Memo starter inre
Mentally sluggish logy
Minor altercation scrape
Moon race? ewoks
Most conservative safest
Movie trailer, e.g teaser
Multi-time music collaborator with Bowie eno
Nail polish brand with the colors Teal the Cows Come Home and Berry Fairy Fun opi
Name of what was once the world's second-largest saltwater lake aral
Optimum bestcase
Outlook alternative gmail
Page of a movie script? ellen
Pageant whose 1986 runner-up was Halle Berry missusa
Person who's hard to take pill
Photo caption for the winning team's M.V.P. being carried off the field? astarisborne
Piece of writing that's half in verse? semiprose
Pizazz brio
Place for a stud to go ear
Places for bears or villains lairs
Places for specific social classes to park? castelots
Powerful swell surge
Procedural spinoff starring LL Cool J ncisla
Producer of '60 Minutes' cbsnews
Publicans' servings ales
Puts up raises
Rey, to Luke, in 'The Last Jedi' protegee
Router attachments modems
Ruby of 'A Raisin in the Sun' dee
Scads of umpteen
Senator Feinstein dianne
Seniors' big night out prom
Shirking work, maybe, for short mia
Singer DiFranco ani
Small bother gnat
Small stream rill
Soccer shot resulting from a corner kick, often header
Some celebrity charity events roasts
Some gametes ova
Some magazine perfume ads inserts
Some paid rides, informally ubers
Something on the rise today sealevel
Spike lace
Start to inhabit settle
Street through the middle of town maindrag
Super Bowl III M.V.P namath
Tabula ___ rasa
Talking-___ (reprimands) tos
Temporary cover scab
The Wildcats of the Big 12 Conf ksu
Tiresias, in 'Oedipus Rex' seer
Tommy of tennis haas
Torment agony
Two things you might find in Sherwood Forest? copseandrobbers
Two-masted vessel brig
Veep under Nixon agnew
Warning not given on a golf course? uncalledfore
Wee bit tad
What a recipe may be written on notecard
What you're effectively saying when you sign a waiver? byeallrights
Wide-eyed agog
Word after who or how else
Work (up) rile
Writer ___ Stanley Gardner erle
Young newts efts
[Shrug] meh
___ neutrality net
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