How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 21 2010

'Dies ___' IRAE
'Get ___ hence': I Kings 17:3 THEE
'Take it easy!' CHILL
'The Bad News Bears' actress ONEAL
'Were I the Moor, I would not be ___' IAGO
'Winnie-the-Pooh' character KANGA
'___ Day Will Come' (1963 #1 hit) OUR
'___ doubt but they were fain o' ither': Burns NAE
'___ of the Storm Country' TESS
'___ were the days' THOSE
1930s film pooch ASTA
1976 rescue site ENTEBBE
A Lennon SEAN
Actor Dennis QUAID
Apiece EACH
Artist's workplace ATELIER
Athol Fugard's 'A Lesson From ___' ALOES
Atom modeler BOHR
Away from the storm ALEE
Back talk LIP
Bad actor's philosophy? ITHINKTHEREFOREIHAM
Bauxite, e.g. ORE
Bearing MIEN
Benjamin CNOTE
Bordeaux, e.g. REDS
Carrier with a frequent flier program called EuroBonus SAS
Chaucer piece TALE
Chewy treats NOUGATS
Chit IOU
Club Meds, e.g. RESORTS
Concerns of middle-aged guys in lower Louisiana? DELTAHAIRLINES
Conductors of many exams, for short MDS
Content of la mar AGUA
Contest ARGUE
Couples no more EXES
Course outlines SYLLABI
Cpl.'s inferior PVT
Cricket units OVERS
Cry of delight OOOH
Diminutive suffix LING
Disco fan on 'The Simpsons' STU
Emmy-winning actress ___ de Matteo DREA
Eye parts UVEAS
Fair attraction RIDE
Fair-hiring inits. EOE
Feature of much ancient Roman statuary TOGA
Film character who actually does not say 'Play it again, Sam' ILSA
Fleischmann's product OLEO
Gain access, in a way LOGON
German-born tennis star Tommy HAAS
Give a raw deal SHAFT
Give due credit HANDITTO
Go after HUNT
Goes after SUES
Hogan contemporary SNEAD
Honolulu's ___ Stadium ALOHA
Huggies competitor LUVS
Ignore LETBE
Impulses URGES
It may be snowy or spotted OWL
It's symbolized by caviar and Champagne HIGHLIFE
Item in a music producer's in-box DEMO
James or Jackie of Hollywood GLEASON
Johnny ___ REB
Judge's no-no BIAS
Kim Jong-il, for one DYNAST
Kind of theater IMAX
Lawn starters SODS
Lengthy military sign-up? SEVENYEARHITCH
Letters of faux modesty IMHO
Like some responsibilities CIVIC
Like some spicy food THAI
List ender ETAL
Loud ringing CLANGOR
Macho guys like their pie cold? REALMENDONTHEATQUICHE
Maine college BATES
MGM symbol LEO
More cunning SLIER
Name often followed by a number MACH
News show assemblage PANEL
Nostradamus, for one SEER
Not smooth KNOBBY
Not so tied up FREER
Old touring car REO
One side in the 1973 Paris Peace Accords HANOI
One who takes people in ARRESTER
Org. for electing candidates PAC
Org. with a 2004-05 lockout NHL
Org. with the motto 'For the benefit of all' NASA
Out of one's mind, in a way, with 'up' COKED
Pain result WINCE
Part of a Molière play ACTE
Place for mounted antlers, maybe DEN
Portuguese-speaking island off the African coast SAOTOME
Potential cause of a food recall ECOLI
Presidential straw poll city AMES
Pushed, with 'on' EGGED
Put the dentures aside while gardening? SETONESTEETHONHEDGE
Quick-like ASAP
R.E.M.'s 'The ___ Love' ONEI
Reed in music LOU
Replies from the hard of hearing EHS
Result of some time in a bed? TAN
Robbers' gain HAUL
Roman square STPETERS
Sail problem TEAR
Scrub over REWASH
Second AIDE
Seine tributary MARNE
Shiites or Sunnis SECT
Signal for a programmer's jump GOTO
Sobersided STAID
Some dates GALS
Soviet news group TASS
Spree ORGY
Start of 'A Visit From St. Nicholas' TWAS
Streets of Québec RUES
Surf sound ROAR
Third planet from le soleil TERRE
Title for Helen Mirren DAME
Vacuous INANE
Very religious CHURCHY
Vetoes NOES
View from Catania ETNA
Wear away ERODE
Whales, at times SPOUTERS
What a beatnik beats BONGO
Word after bang, break or bump INTO
Xanadu river ALPH
You might play something by this EAR
[sigh] OHME
___ Park, Queens REGO
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