How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 19 2018

'... and ___ the twain shall meet' neer
'Auld Lang ___' syne
'Fluid' 2017 film? theshapeofwater
'Green' 1986 film? thecolorofmoney
'Me neither,' formally nori
'Noted' 1965 film? thesoundofmusic
'O.K. by me' fine
'Whoa there!' heynow
'Yippee!' ohboy
Actress Perlman of 'Cheers' rhea
Alternative to Ragú prego
Anthropomorphic figures in many 'Far Side' cartoons cows
Apple device with earbuds ipod
Black ___ spider widow
Blossom flower
Breathed heavily huffed
Capital of 19-Across rome
Car part between the headlights grille
Carl who composed 'Carmina Burana' orff
Chew on like a beaver gnaw
Cosmetic injection botox
Cracker topping spread with a knife brie
Defiant challenge to a bully makeme
Energy, informally oomph
Engulf, old-style whelm
Enter a pool headfirst dive
Feline: Sp gato
Frighten off deter
Ginger ___ (soft drink) ale
Grand pooh-bah bigcheese
Greek sandwich gyro
Hankerings yens
Hill : ants :: ___ : bees hive
In unison asone
Jack who starred on 'Dragnet' webb
Krispy ___doughnuts kreme
Lacking depth, informally twod
Light source that needs occasional replacement bulb
Like a committee formed for a special purpose adhoc
Longtime rival of Saudi Arabia iran
Mata ___ (W.W. I spy) hari
Minor annoyance peeve
Neither vegetable nor mineral, in a guessing game animal
Not strict, as security lax
Percussion in a pagoda gong
Pram babybuggy
Prefix with lineal matri
Reason to call a plumber drip
Resort with springs spa
Revise, as text edit
Rink surface ice
Roseanne who's not on 'The Conners' barr
Seller of TV spots, informally adrep
Serves as a lookout for, say abets
Sharpen whet
Sheep-related ovine
Singer McCartney paul
Skeptical comeback ibet
Soothing plant extract aloe
Story tale
Streamer of 'Game of Thrones' hbogo
Subject most familiar to a portrait painter self
Symbol on a one-way street sign arrow
Teeming rife
Tennis star Djokovic novak
Terrific, on Broadway boffo
To ___ his own each
Trivial entertainment fluff
Vaping device, informally ecig
Vodka in a blue bottle skyy
Welsh 'John' evan
What planets do on their axes spin
Where pasta originated italy
Withheld the publication of saton
Word before Ghost or Grail holy
Word of parting in Paris adieu
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