How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 19 1998

'Lake Wobegon Days' writer KEILLOR
'The Man Without ___' (1993 film) AFACE
Abbr. stamped on a food label EXP
Always, to a cowboy? WITHOUTCEPTION.
Area of coll. study SCI
At no cost, in Germany FREI
Auto maker Chrysler WALTER
Baseball family name ALOU
Board measure WIDTH
Cap material? ICE
Car wash machines WAXERS
Chew the fat GAB
Chief exec. PRES
Cleverly intricate DAEDAL
Contemporary of Dashiell ERLE
Crocheted coverlet AFGHAN
Definitely no Einstein MORON
Degermed, in a way GARGLED
Dickens classic, to a cowboy? GREATPECTATIONS
Director BOSS
Dismal, to Donne DREAR
Do it! DEED
Eocene, for one EPOCH
Epitaph beginning HERE
Fictional secret agent Williams REMO
Gibraltar's locale IBERIA
Give a hard time, slangily DIS
Grp. behind the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize IRA
Gum flavor CINNAMON
Half-moon tide NEAP
Harden GEL
Heavyweight BIGWIG
Helicopter's predecessor AUTOGIRO
Irish port DERRY
Kind of element TRACE
Lady-killer ADONIS
Lets up ABATES
Like Gen. Powell RET
LL.D. holder ATT
Lunatic, often RAVER
Made new alterations REFITTED
Maelstrom VORT
Major name in frozen foods OREIDA
Murder mystery setting, to a cowboy? THEORIENTPRESS
Name often seen above a star TACO
Not reluctant GLAD
Opposite of 61-Across STEM
Opposite of 61-Across BOW
Paint base LAT
Pale yellowish-white EGGSHELL
Perennially popular game books MADLIBS
Piccadilly Circus statue EROS
Pilot's announcement, for short ETA
Poppycock HOGWASH
Prefix with logical IDEO
Prudential rival AETNA
Runners LEGS
Sled driver, maybe ESKIMO
Smidge TAD
Some Strads CELLI
Sonnet ending SESTET
Spread abroad, as a rumor BRUIT
Stewart's role in 'Harvey' DOWD
Take the honey and run ELOPE
Toothy grp.? ADA
TV pioneer RCA
Twiddles one's thumbs IDLES
Vaccinator's supply HYPOS
Village Voice award OBIE
Zellweger of 'Jerry Maguire' RENEE
___'wester NOR
___-1900 (old) PRE
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