How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 09 1997

'Happy Days' type TEEN
'Maid of Athens, ___ we part': Byron ERE
'Romeo Is Bleeding' actress OLIN
'That's ___!' ALL
'The Deer Hunter' event RUSSIANROULETTE
'The Magus' setting GREECE
'The Volcano Lover' novelist SONTAG
'___ sher!' FER
1981 Literature Nobelist Canetti ELIAS
A one ___ chance INTEN
Adding some color to STAINING
Andy Kaufman role on 'Taxi' LATKA
Apt. divisions RMS
Area for improvement? RECOVERYROOM
Area south of the Atlas Mountains SAHARA
As tight as possible? TIPSIEST
Ask (for) SUE
Ballad LAY
Beverage servers URNS
Big sports event sponsor NIKE
British ___ ISLES
Building manager's schedule RENTROLL
Bygone geographical inits. SSR
Canary relatives SERINS
Caused distress GRIEVED
Certain tournament ROUNDROBIN
Character builder? GENE
Clarinetist Lewis TED
Come-on LINE
Conservative group RADICALRIGHT
Controversial 70's-80's sitcom SOAP
Copier APER
Covered CLAD
Demonstrated, in a dramatic way RIOTED
Early evictee EVE
English source CUE
Fa follower SOL
Family reunion attender GRANDMA
Fashion label since 1975 ARMANI
Five-time Sugar Bowl champs OLEMISS
Gen. Robt. ___ ELEE
George's brother IRA
Georgia ___ TECH
Hair-dyeing job ROOTS
Handle, as goods DEALIN
Heat meas. BTU
High ground UPLAND
High mountain ALP
His real name was Ernesto CHE
Home runs, in baseball slang TATERS
Home runs, in baseball slang TATERS.
In installments ONTIME
Jagged EROSE
Jamie Lee in 'Halloween' LAURIE
Kids' game REDROVER
Kind of eng. CIV
Kind of school CHARM
Kind of student GRAD
Lawn-care products brand SCOTTS
Literary monogram TSE
LSD and others AMIDES
Marienbad, for one SPA
Marksmanship org. founded in 1871 NRA
Marksmanship org. founded in 1871 NRA.
Meteorological concern AIRMASS
Mister Rogers, for one FRED
Mogadishu resident SOMALI
More comely FAIRER
More compliant EASIER
Motley PIED
Nagy of Hungary IMRE
Nav. rank ENS
New York stadium name ASHE
Newspaper employee PRESSMAN
Nixon's 'In the Arena,' e.g. MEMOIR
Nobelist Wiesel ELIE
Not uniform RAGTAG
Nuremberg negative NEIN
Ogees, e.g. ESSES
Opera based on two Wedekind plays LULU
P.R., so to speak INK
Panhandle site ALASKA
Parlor treat FRAPPE
Part of an address RURALROUTE
Parting words ADIEUS
Parts of hoops RIMS
Payroll service giant, initially ADP
Place for a target group? RIFLERANGE
Popular 20's auto REO
Prepare for an emergency, in a way STOCKUP
Proxy votes MAILINS
R-V connection STU
Rabin's predecessor MEIR
Recognition FAME
Resentment IRE
Retreats NESTS
Rocky Lane spoke for him MRED
San ___ (Marin County seat) RAFAEL
Scholarly prof.'s degree LLD
See 95-Across ITRIDE
Serenaded SANGTO
Site of ancient Samos IONIA
Slangy turndown NAW
Some contractions TICS
Some museum rooms ATRIA
Special ed course REMEDIALREADING
Spots ADS
St. Lawrence Seaway terminus DULUTH
Suffix with concession AIRE.
Suffix with concession AIRE
Suitable spot NICHE
Sultanate on the South China Sea BRUNEI
Superficial SURFACE
Supermarket section DELI
Talk (over) HASH
The Fighting Tigers, for short LSU
Thou GEE
To ___ ATEE
Tour de France activity ROADRACING
Trenton-to-Newark dir. ENE
Ushers in HERALDS
Video game adventurer MARIO
Was overrun SWARMED
Western Athletic Conf. team UTEP
Where the current enters ANODE
With 89-Down, a casino cry LET
Wolfgang Köhler's movement GESTALT
Woosnam of the P.G.A. IAN
___ hawk (American bird) COOPERS
___-di-dah LAH
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