How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Nov 07 2004

'As if!' NOT
'For want of ___ ...' ANAIL
'Little Shop of Horrors' girl AUDREY
'___ pasa?' QUE
'___ pray' LETUS
1-Down, e.g. DANCE
1930's Brazilian import SAMBA
1930's-60's power couple LUCES
1970's fad participant STREAKER
Abject failure BUST
Actress Thurman UMA
Adjutants AIDES
Akin to LIKE
Apt. units RMS
Artist from Barcelona JOANMIRO
Asian ending for 'land' STAN
Atoll with no electric lights? WICKISLAND
Bawl out in no uncertain terms REAM
Begin, as winter SETIN
Bits of energy ERGS
Blab freely SING
Bubkes NADA
Checks the growth of NIPS
Chutney fruit MANGO
City named for an Indian chief SEATTLE
Clark's companion LEWIS
Claude who starred in TV's 'Lobo' AKINS
Cliff climber's tool PITON
Clock's slowing down? UNDERTICKING
Complaint that one didn't get enough presents? BIRTHDAYKICK
Contest with many traps SKEET
Copy illegally PIRATE
Corrosion-resistant metal IRIDIUM
Couple abroad DOS
Decoration from Eliz. II OBE
Defunct pro sports org. WFL
Dies ___ IRAE
Do, say NOTE
Drink suffix ADE
Driving aid TEE
Dryly said LACONIC
Edwards, for one AIRBASE
Encouraging words CHEERUP
Everyday USUAL
Everyone in Dixie YALL
Fairy tale start ONCE
Fashionable dress DIOR
Film composer Schifrin LALO
First mate EVE
For ___ an emergency USEIN
Former White House adviser Scowcroft BRENT
French companion AMIE
Fusses ADOS
Genetically improved grain? QUICKEROATS
God attended by two ravens ODIN
Greek portico STOA
Grunts UHS
Hallmark card text, often POEM
Heaps ATON
Heir, usually: Abbr. REL
Hendrix of 60's music JIMI
Hole puncher STILETTO
Hoover rival EUREKA
Housed, as a student BOARDED
However, briefly THO
I.Q. tester Alfred BINET
Impecuniosity NEED
Impertinent types SASSERS
In a stack PILED
Japanese porcelain IMARI
Jet enhancer TURBO
Kipling pack leader AKELA
Knowledge KEN
Large amount of money WAD
Large bills, informally CNOTES
Large place where elks gather? SALTLICKCITY
Legal thing RES
Major nickel exporter MANITOBA
Malarial episodes AGUES
Marcher's woe BUNION
Mason's request? GIVEMEABRICK
Milk: Prefix LACTO
Muscat native OMANI
Muskogee tribe CREEK
N.L. or A.L. team CHI
Name meaning 'she-bear' URSULA
Nest builder ANT
No. cruncher CPA
Not easygoing TESTY
Nuclear measure KILOTON
Numerical prefix DECA
Off the wind ALEE
One that's similar ANALOGUE
Overturns UPENDS
Parseghian of Notre Dame ARA
Part of R.I.P. PACE
Partner, with 'the' MRS
Personal interview ONEONONE
Positions ORIENTS
Prefix with China INDO
Prefix with linguistics SOCIO
Prefix with metrics ECONO
Pressed IRONED
Primatologist's study APES
Public rap CENSURE
Ran in the rain BLED
Red Cross course, for short CPR
Skiing documentaries? SNOWFLICKS
Skye neighbor IONA
Small fry TOTS
Some beans SOYS
Soviet Physics Nobelist ___ Tamm IGOR
Spelling of Hollywood TORI
Spread managers BOOKIES
Starchy fixin's TATERS
Start fresh RENEW
Stout sites PUBS
Studio feed AUDIO
Talk a blue streak? CUSS
Tea biscuit SCONE
The Panthers of the Big East PITT
They ripple on bodybuilders PECS
Tools of the Seven Dwarfs PICKS
Town on the Humboldt River ELKO
Turkeys FLOPS
Typesetters' needs: Abbr. MSS
Undergrad degs. BAS
Upper limit LID
Vast amount SEA
Walkers on hot coals FAKIRS
Where squabbling neighbors live? BICKERSTREET
White wine apéritifs KIRS
Wing ELL
Woeful SAD
Year the emperor Frederick II died MCCL
___ lab DNA
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